5 Centimeters Per Second

Today, I shall blog about a film I've just recently watched; that was pretty awesome too. It's called 5 Centimeters per second; and no, it's not anything Physics related. Rather, it refers the rate at which cherry blossoms descend from the trees. The title itself is actually a metaphor used to describe one of the many emotions the main character goes through.
But why exactly am I blogging about this movie in particular?
Because it sends a pretty darn powerful message to things most of us can relate to.

The film is broken into 3 chapters, in which the characters live out their childhood, teenage and adult lives. The main character, Takaki has to moves schools frequently due to family reasons. Being the kind of loner he is because of this, he is able to befriends this girl, Akari whom which they get quite close. But then he realizes the he and she have to move to different (primary) schools, but keep in touch through sending letters (kind of like a long distance relationship penpal thing, as since phones weren't used back then, letters was the way to go ). Anyway things happen and he has to move again, but this time so far that they wouldn't be able to visit each other anymore, even if they wanted to (they didn't really before because they were so busy).

To keep things short, he decides to meet her at 7'oclock, by catching like 5 trains. He also writes a letter telling her all his feelings as a way of saying goodbye but also as a means of wanting to stay connected. However, on the train, it starts to snow and the train gets delayed 5 minutes, 10 and it just builds up.

Whilst waiting for another train at an exchange location, he decides to buy a drink but upon taking out his money, he takes out the letter which gets caught by the wind and blows off in the distance. His pretty upset by then, being late and losing his letter but still continues to see Akari. It's 8 o'clock, his late and the train gets stuck in a snow storm. He describes how every second seemed like an eternity because he wants to see her again for one last time. ( he only has a day till he moves ). He had to wait 2 hours (by himself on the train ) for it to start moving again. It is now 11 o'clock and by now Akari has surly gone home, but upon arriving there....

You really have got to watch it, seriously. The way i described it here sounds kind of lame/noobish, but the stunning visuals, word usage and atmosphere really sets up for a beautifully executed film. That was only the first chapter, the second talks about how relationships don't always work ( another girl liking him but no feelings are returned ) and the third is about learning to let go. Marvelous really, just watch, no regrets!

Hey for the sake of it, here is a preview Of the scene I was describing, seriously it's awesome!