The blasting sound of my alarm wakes me up. It's morning and I hear the chirps of newborn birds, screeching excitedly to a new day, to a new start in life . I check the time : 7:50. 20 minutes until the bus comes. The warm shower washes away my sleepiness and the scars of a late night. 15 minute shower. S*@! I'm late. I quickly get ready and walk swiftly towards the bus stop.

As I pass homes, I notice peoples gardens; rows upon rows of colors, all different kinds, blended in a mass heap and growing in all directions. Spring I think to myself. The sun's already up high and reveals the very essence in which spring has to offer; butterflies, flowers, baby birds and beautiful warm days. I turn the corner and find the bus existing into the main road. !@%# Too late. Today's going to be a bad day.

I decide to walk to the train station instead. A 15 minute walk that requires me to make my way through a small alleyway entangled with flora. It's teeming with life, like Adelaide on the evening of a new years celebration. Ants were coming out, disappearing just as they would appear. A few more steps and I'm out of this place. To my dismay, a swarm of ants are concentrated on a patch grass. Close inspection reveals it to be the corpse of an unlucky baby bird. Poor thing, not once was it able to see the light of day.

To be continued

just another day for me, in a different text i suppose. felt like a bit of story writing, since I haven't done one in a while. still so noob. mm