A Free Future Prospect

SHHOULD BE REVISING RIGHT NOW but I'll do it tomorrow. So brain dead arrrgaa oogabooga !aldsf;a

Some random thought crossed my mind today; and you know how you laugh when you remember something funny? well I had one of those
About a year ago, whilst on a cruise with my cousin; we were discussing about girls. It's always an interesting topic, and I guess he has had his fair share with the female counterparts. Anyways during the conversation I remember him saying..

Vanta. If you want to know what a girl looks like years later down the track, just take a look at their mum. She'll probably end up looking like that

I LOL'd at the thought of that.

But on second thoughts, perhaps there's some degree of truth to it. I mean sometimes you can actually really see the resemblance between mothers and daughters & fathers and sons. Especially the really big ones, i mean if the mums really (fat) it's not uncommon to see the daughter just as big.

And then on the other side of the spectrum, you get the ones that totally look like they were inserted from another family. Guess it must be a gentics mix and match thing. I'd assume it works for the male side of the family too.

So how do you fair?
Luckily, my dad, aged in his mid 50's , is still surprisingly fit and healthy, and same goes for my mum. Neither of them is overweight, and my dad is probably a tad thinner then he should be, but i'm not complaining. looks like I'm set for a pretty okay future, aging wise. hahaha

I'll clean this post up later soo tired -_-