It's a mixture of a world

Interesting isn't it.. with the amount of interaction between people of different cultures nowadays, couples and ultimately family upbringings end up being, well mixed. Instead of just having single race parents, like mine, we are slowly but surely getting individuals of different races ending up with each other. And fortunately, it miraculously turns out that their children end up being incredibly good looking (9/10 times anyway..) and they get to experience the joys of 2 different cultures.
I know a few people who are mixed or in the processing mixing, with some examples of different nationalities including:

Chink/Cambo - "Cambo-nese"

Even now, my friends who are couples are mixing *cough* Laos/Chinese anyone?

But it appears that I know a lot of Chinese/Viet or Chinese/Cambo hybrids then any other mix. And for the sake of it, my hairdressers Chinese/Cambo herself but has a Cambo husband :O. And they all have one thing in common - good looking children.
It's probably a genetics thing; If i can recall correctly, the more variance in the genes there is ( people from different regions ) the more better of chances for survival (increased immunity to specific disease per region or something..) okay.. umm lets just say its better for ease.

So what is exactly is the point of all this? well, I don't know about you, but I think intermixing ROCKS!
I mean it'll be one awesome experience to see the likes of living through another ones cultural ideas. Surely there would be similarities in some aspects, for example, taking off shoes before entering, eating rice everyday and having black hair but at the same time, having differences too; food, language, beliefs and wedding styles. But you know what? that just adds a new dimension of FUN to it. Working things out and learning from each other with the addition of having attractive and successful kids are also experiences that would be something we'd all be looking forward too.

I just found this from the site "vero" that sums up what I've been trying to say:

East Meets the West

Interracial dating seems to becoming very popular and I think this is a good thing! Logically, the only difference between ethnic (cultural, national, racial, tribal) minorities is background, color of skin, and perhaps some other differences, but, on the whole, if two people like each why allow these differences to get in the way? Physically, the only differences between us all are skin-color and perhaps eye and nose shape, so what! If you love somebody, these minor differences are irrelevant  and not even worth considering at all! Love is known to cross cultural and religious boundaries!

No matter if it's for friendship, dating, romance, love or marriage, it's a good thing to connect people from different cultures, races and countries because we are sure: Love speaks only one language.

That last statement makes my spine tingle. Ahem* anyway;

There are also people who just want to stay with their own culture by either their own personal choice or are forced by their parents. That's really up to them to decide and it's the probably a good case of whatever makes you happy but I know for sure that my parents don't mind; nope, not one bit. weeeee :D so long as I'm Happy too.

So in my case it'd be whoever I want, or in terms of reality; whoever wants me (LOL). Khmer culture (that is, Cambo ) is an amazing culture and I wouldn't be surprised that many people reading this now knew what it was about or what it was.. it's similar to many South Eastern cultures but unique in it's own way too.
As far as I'm concerned though, it doesn't matter what the girls race is..( with some exceptions) and if it ends up going that step further, it'll probably be how she wants to raise the kids too.. hehe.

There's sooooooo much more that could be said about this topic and I've only scratched the surface. As for now though, I'll give it a rest..



October 16, 2009 at 9:45 PM