Sorry, what was that?

Most of the time, the highlights of my days comes from bumping into school or uni friends that you haven't seen for ages and just striking up a conversation, whether it be; what they're doing right now, to what they've been doing since you last caught up. It's nice to know people are making their way slowly up the "ladder of life" and that in 10 years time, they will have something to talk about.
(Seriously though, on a daily basis I run into so many friends ,it's insane but really cool too. you never know who going to be next too xD)

Sometimes though, it comes to a point where you kind of run out of things to say. and it's like awkward. And you don't know what to say, but at the same time, you really don't want to make it uncomfortable too. Then you kind of want the other person to say something to help break the ice but they don't say anything because they're either not paying attention or are stuck themselves. Then you're thinking "say something..D;. and it turns out you end up looking like an idiot trying to ask a stupid question like you like stuff?

I actually like people who talk a lot. They break the silence for a person who's quiet most of the the time. They have heaps of interesting stories to say, and it's just nice to have someone to talk to since it's can be quite a drag doing things independently almost all the time. But then again, I can talk about things nonstop, if only people would let me xD