Turn Up The Heat!

As you may have noticed, the blogs interface has been redisgned because:
a) it was pretty hard to read over the rainy backdrop and
b) Summers fast approaching so it didn't suit today's "weather"

Also added a dp for completeness because every other blog has one too and I didn't =/

Oh man, exam period is fast approaching and everyone's in the rush to prepare for it.

- As for all the year 12 commencing exams tomorrow; Wishing you all the best that it goes fine ;)

Adelaide uni people get their swatvac one week earlier then SA which is bad and good; depending on what you want to see it. I think it's just.. whatever xD doesn't really matter.

Suppose I haven't really started studying too; since I still have uni, the revision process is starting a bit slower then i thought. gota start building that momentum fast :O

And it's 36 degree's today !! :O

exxxam study mode : no gaming for 24 days. Done it once, can do it again.

such a plain post today; next time should be at least a little bit more interesting