What is courage? (TBC)

Another post; thought this was worth mentioning...

It was about the time during the end of last year. I was in this second hand store with my dad that sold a variety of random and used items; from old clothes, toys and ornaments to old smelly grandma stuff (?). One of the rooms had a massive section of old books.

Anyways I ended up reading a few of them and decided to grab 4 Readers Digest books for about 5c each that looked at least 10 years old.

I was THAT bored. -_-

You know how you have this section where people write about stories of their own life experiences and whatnot? I can distinctively remember reading this one that particularly stood out.

There was this girl who was doing a philosophy exam. The exam was quite hard and by the time she had reached the last question, she was mentally drained. Time was also running out. The last section required her to write an essay like answer to the question:

What is courage?

As like all the other students in the class, she thought for a bit and quickly wrote down all she could think of that were based on philosophical concepts she had learned during the course; definitions, diagrams, real life examples and comparisons to what wasn't courage. It was indeed a very hard exam for everyone as they could be seen pulling their hair out, thinking of ways to elaborate on it. It turns out she wrote 3 whole pages explaining this concept of courage to the best of her ability.

After getting her results back she was content to have gotten an above average mark, but was astonished at the person whom she was sitting next to, who had gotten full marks for the essay section. Unbelievable she thought, it was the hardest exam she had taken. She was curious to know how he could have done such a feat.

She looked at his paper and discovered it was only 1 page long, had no diagrams on it and consisted of only 2 words:

This is


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November 7, 2009 at 9:02 PM

very interesting story, i like your blogs. (: