Too fast im furious

First and foremost, thanks for the cool night med raders. Although you'd probably never be reading this, only wish I didn't have to leave so frigging early to not enjoy what was left - but I'd have no ride home then. It was also getting to the good part too! aaaaargh

Anyways, My bro was the one who picked me up. He pulls up in his black Evo3 and says, terminator 3 style, hop in. -.-

I could really learn a lot from him. His what I'd describe as .. street smart. I mean you can be smart academically and then you be street smart. Make sense?
It mainly things like socializing, knowing drinks, being confident around people, knowing your rights (police wise), knowing where to be at the right place, the law, etc. . It's something you can only learn through experience. I still have hell of a long way to go...

Moving on, it's kind of fun when you're in his car. His a car junkie, so he knows what his car inside out. He also likes to push it to the limit too. It just so happens that during the night, an Integra was on the left lane trying to outdo my bro with a burst of acceleration on the main road.

My bro laughs in a sadistic manner and says:

No integra can beat my car

He just slams the pedal like a crazy madman and the everything becomes a mass blur, kind of like what you see in the movies. Dragging in rain! Dangerous much? but I have to admit; the rush you get beating the Integra with that kind of speed was incredible!

Dw I'm not as baddass as him and wont ever will be. xD
But It's great to have a bro who knows his car stuff, his street smarts and everything in between.

Happy 21st Birthday big bro! :)