If my calculation are correct, we will have 3 ... nyahahah

Walking back from a friends place I was stopped by the friendly hey of an elderly couple whom lived just around the corner. During our brief conversation the old lady said you've lost a lot of weight. that wasn't expected. Last time I saw her was a year or two ago.

But for those I haven't known since along time ago,then yes, I was a little fat geeky kid at one stage. hahaha and to some degree I still am. Fairly easy to imagine? Playing video games nonstop kind of does that to you. Remember right?

It goes to show how things can really change in the little space of 5 years. And what's to learn from all this? don't pick on fat kids or they'll hunt you down like a bear eats a fish. or like a a nerd collector obtaining the rarest Pokemon card on the planet... or like..OK I'll stop there.

Speaking of geeky people, there's this video featuring some Asian dancers that I thought was very well executed. The scene is set with 3 geeks who create 3 cyber girls to be there ,well, entertainment. Seriously check it out, I kid you not if you're in for something awesome when youwatch. I am so going to learn that move that guy does with his hands too :D

The Interview at the beginning - priceless xD