It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's... a bird!

I was on my daily walk from the Asian grocery today, when a bird swooped just to the side of me. Instantly, I thought there was something unusual about this particular bird. It flew so elegantly, gliding in the wind with a shape that looked all too familiar.

Could it be? I thought to myself

I quickly gave chase until I found myself right beneath it, as it perched itself high onto the cable lines. It lay at rest, surveying the area for any threats or food to be hunted. It then looked right at me, giving me this long dagger- like stare in which, I stared backed. I couldn't believe it.

A Peregrine Falcon!

I've never seen one in real life before. I could only recognize it from the many pictures I've seen on the net.
But why did this bird fascinate me in particular? It was way back in year 4, that I had to do research and a presentation on an endangered species and as you would have guessed it, mine was on this bird.

From what I can remember, the falcon is known to be the fastest animal in the world; (reaching speeds of up to 320 km - Wikipedia). It's diet consists of other birds, and other smaller animals such as squirrels and humans. ( just kidding :P).
The fact this bird is not only fast but looks stunning when it's in action ( or hunting) makes it one of my favorite animals of all time. If I were to have any pet in the world, it would probably one of these babies.

looking at it though, it didn't appear to be fully matured, more like at an adolescent stage, due to the feathers not looking 'fully ripe. ' xD yahuh *nods*

Anyways I only wished I had my phone on me so I could take a picture of it before it took flight once again. damn.

Now where did that Pokeball go?