Play it like theres no tomorrow.

When I'm bored. I blog. It's as simple as that.

And because i'm so bored right now im going to blog. I like my logic too! :D

So today I went to a friends birthday and guess what I did there...?
Street fighter'd until I was the last one standing..
There was some fierce competition at one point but I somehow manage to pull through, with a bit of luck hahaha. and now i'm known as the (obsessed?) Street Fighter kid. No I'm not crazy.. it's just a recreational thing, like when people badminton, play poker or facebook, I sf4. ok?

Now onto something random:
I wish I could play piano. I'd trade my street fighter skills to be able to play the piano anyday! Seriously. My parents forbidded me. Long story. but it'd be amazing to be able to play. Heck, i'd even force my kids to learn to play it.