What is yours but everyone uses it more than you?

It seems everyone is making full use of their holidays; whether it is working and making the dosh, catching up with friends, sightseeing, partying, going overseas, you name it.

Whilst I’m stuck here trying to get my P’s, with no internet (still!) limited money and a messy desktop. At this rate, by the time people are done with the excitement of the holidays and ready to get back to uni, I’m still looking for ways to enjoy my not so awesome holidays. xO

In other news though, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Sunday 6/12/2009. It was actually overdue by a week and weighed 3.6ish kg, quite heavy for a child. They decided to name her Ariya.

Here’s a question. What do you think of the name?
First thing that popped into my head was Gosh that is extremely Asian. My sis and her hubby, being both cambo, were keen on keeping their cambo roots and named her like that. As I think about it more, I kind of realise its uniqueness in the way that I’ve never heard of such a name. It actually sounds pretty from my perspective but then hey, you be the judge. I am yet to know what the name means.

So my parents were overjoyed and you know how they are with the It’s got my eyes, and it’s got your nose or what the, whose hair is that? Etc. (First grandchild for them)...

Sometimes I wonder why on earth they named me my name. What do you reckon? It’s a pretty distinct name, even in (my culture) let alone the world. I do remember someone once telling me that’s such a cool name. I laughed.

It’s nice to know when someone mentions my name, there’s none of that which one? Also, since it’s so weird and different, most people I know have no problems remembering it. Vanta for short.

I have this idea that every name has to it, a personality or trait that you unconsciously judge on, based on how you knew the first person with that name. For example, I know quite a few Michaels, and the first one was kind of like a badass classmate at school (year 1 ). From then on, every time I met a new Michael, I would think of the first one and think his a badass when clearly this is not the case, but it’s just that idea of thinking of the first person of that name the moment you hear the name. ( Yeah I like to confuse people a lot... )

At one time or another, you’ve probably thought about naming your future children ( given you decided to have them). It’s a very personal choice for many couples and many don’t actually say what they’d name their child until he/she is actually born ( so people don’t copy it before hand ). Imagine naming you’re child Megatron or Optimus though. How crazy would that be?

There are heaps of cool names out there, be it common or uncommon. Sometimes you get names that you don’t particularly like too. Perhaps it’s due to not liking a person with that name? ( hmmm?). Occasionally however, you come across names that are so epic, it literally make you stop and admire it for like a full minute out of the sheer beautiful-ness of the name. ( I’ve only ever come across a handful though and they’re top secret ;))

( OH and answer is your name, but of course, you knew that )


  Elysia Ang

December 8, 2009 at 1:09 AM

yah my name thanks xD