wash, rinse and repeat

Heading into the 3rd week of holidays, and seems like much of the hype of "holidays" is slowly oozing away. I mean, it's a time to catch up with friends, do what you've always wanted to do, get the haircut, shape up, etc. But I ain't feeling it lol. Perhaps its' to blame my complete nocturnal nature now

Wake up at 5 pm, play , watch, talk, hang till 7 am in the morning, wash, rinse and repeat.

This habit is terrible. Now I wonder what goes on in the "daytime".

Anyway so how's your'e holidays been so far? Mine's alright to say the most, nothing real interesting going on. Everyone seems to be out doing something fun or at least productive. HAha shouldn't I be too? duno just don't feel like it at all. Like I'm not in the "mindframe" something or someone needs to slap me real hard. aih

Anyway Avcons coming up, and well theres always the street fighter tournament there. Apparently it's gona be pretty big too. got interstate players coming in wah. Was asked to defend our team Adelaide again ( we went to Sydney and came second in team battes )

Yeah it was about 2 months ago I went to Sydney to play street fighter. singly i got defeated in my pool at the 9th ranking level ( out of 25 ) which is kinda sad , considering I was so freaking close to beating the guy I lost to, it was more like I should of won that but patients got to me. Anyway that was a real highlight, I got to vs the best payer in the world, watch the best player in the world win and etc etc, see a bit of what Sydney had to offer ( in terms of food... girls? ahha damn to many of em )

The winner of the Sydney tournaments goes to las vegas in America to fight in the "world tournament" which.... as you might have guessed, is the biggest tournament in the world lol. It's actually on right now live on stream and it's up to the grand finals.
There's been a lot of crazy stuff going on , like the best players getting eliminated etc and last years second best getting knocked out to the 9th spot!
( I don't know if I've lost you already I should probably stop )

Then theres always the soccer. Hahaa Spain or netherlands? I wouldn't have a clue.

Also I think it's time to really get back into shape. stupid exams, makes you eat like crazy, makes you lazy (physical wise ) and well that's just not the best mix. ughh but where do I start?

Is it me or everytime I talk to someone they yawn. is my topics really that boring to talk about or is my tone really that boring to listen to, or am I just really boring alltogether? HAHA on the other hand, if I talk with expression , i'm the most retarded person ever. Is there something in between? not that I know off. This is so confusing.

6:30 am in the morning. Yeah that sounds right about bed time.
Seriously. Nowadays its sleep late , wake up late. I predict I'm going to wake up at about 2 ish. Thats what holidays does to you.

Anyway so i Finito my last exam. feeling was amazing.

Dont you just hate it, when during Swotvac, you have so much things you want to do, but as soon as it's over its : either you don't know where to start or you don't want to do it anymore.

What are your plans these holidays? Got anything special going on?

I Kinda only have one main thing I'm looking forward to : Avcon 2010. I can strut my street fighter skills off :O Better start training hard for that too...

That actually sounds quite sad... lol. Yeah I question myself why do I even still play the game? A form of recognition? finally something im half decent at?

Random topic of the day

How often or how deep do you judge people?

I mean this can be people you just met to friends.
Is it enough to notice one bad thing to judge them on all bad things of them? Do you judge them on how they dress? What they say? Their actions? their body language?

I Try not to judge but rather, look for some meaning or reasoning by their actions. Was it due to inexperience (Noobiness), Lazy, accidental? perhaps thats judging in a form anyway.

It's wierd. There are just some people you can get along really fine, but others will hate you for being yourself. Is that due to bad judgement?


It's been a while. too long perhaps. alot has happened since. Not neglecting my blog or anything but rather the all 'im to busy' excuse.

first exam is in 5 days. not really prepared for it at all -.-

Then you have anatomy. sighzor. Guess it could be worse..

I wonder how everyone going nowadays?

Update when time becomes my friend.

Days of our lives

What a situation I'm in. it's 3:00 am and I'm in uni at city east in the computer sweep. I'm pretty sure everyones asleep, so I'm not going to be bothered giving them a call to pick me up.
Since then alot has happened. I guess it's the reason I blog is to stop and think about how are things shaping up. hmm?

So it was about last week that I entered a street fighter 4 tournament (i suppose it could be compared to state league) and placed second. But Although that sounds good and all, there wernt many good players there (prob 5 max ) and I know quite a few more people who DIDN'T enter the tournament who are just as exceptionally good. Having said that, I dont think it was a very well representation of who was the "best" in south australia, but it's not like i'm complaining ...

So the winner, who's an absolute beast (in sf4) turns out to be a 1st year uni student studying science at adelaide. It's funny, because we are actually really good friends now ( competativeness is still there, he beats me much more then i can him ...). The Winner of the competition gets to go to sydney (FOR FREE) and compete in the national tournament. second .. doesn't get anything (which totally sucks.. oh well) but I've decided to go anyway despite paying for my own tickets : mainly because

a) I still have a chance to compete in nationals just have to start at the bottom of the list.
b) I was asked to represent team Adelaide ( team games will be there, teams consist of 3 people)
c) Support my friends entering
d) Meet the top players in australia who I vs online at home
e) Get to see the top player in the world fight off (might even take a picture with him, his celebrity status in the world of fighting games )
f) I get to go to sydney for the first time and explore for a bit

The 2 finalists of this nationals tournament THEN gets to go to las vegas and particpate in the "world" championships representing Australias best. How epic is that?

By now you've probably stop reading, because its so boring and you want to get to some interesting stuff....So I ask myself, why am I still doing this?

I'm young (19) and want to enjoy it while I still can ( even if it is sf related...)
I'm single, which means i have time on my hands and can do whaaaaaaaatever I want :) as long as it doesn't effect my studies, then Its fine. If i suck at sf so badly I always have uni to lay back on. (though im still behind lol.)

I know it sounds kinda stupid and maybe lame, but think of it like this. Do you have a hobby? is it piano? badminton? cars? chatting up girls/boys?( I suck at all those btw) lol. Exactly its something we enjoy. Imagine taking it those activities the next level, were technique, execution, knowledge and mind games form the basis of your skills ( can be applied to all of them albeit piano). This is what I'm talking about. It's deeper then you think...

But at the same time theres alot more to life then this. I am very aware of that too. It's just a phase I'm in and when I do eventually exit and move on with life ( you know.. get the job, the girlfriend :), have the car to take her out and do all sorts of crazy stuff ) then that will be the end of it. I'll have a memory to look back and say (yeah I was one of the best at sf4 in my days... hah) but until then, enjoy it while your young.

To be honest though, I'd never talk about this to anyone. Its kind of like vanta by day, street fighter by night. or something. not the person to talk about myself at all. kind of hey whats up yeah nothings going on. whod be interested in this stuff anyway.

My flight to sydney will be on the 27th, going for the weekend. it's quite exciting though, can't wait! but i'll behind a weekend on uni. argh.

This is the only place were I can be selfish and talk nonstop about myself. I rarely do it on facebook, msn or in real life. It's like the world revolves around you when you do stuff like that, and hat can be spared.

I haven't seen my friends in such a long time though... Its busy exam period though too but I wouldnt mind catching up with them.

My sf games.

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals


And to finish off a relly nice music video... Well i found it sweet and enjoyable:


Been a while since my last update. been so busy with heaps of stuff. ..
nah not really - the new street fighter locked me up in my room for quite a bit.
Anyways so whats been happening since..

Got the haircut - its the first thing everyone notices : Vanta you look different what happened?
" Oh i Shaved, that's all"
lol. However it is growing out pretty fast, so by the time you see me again, it'll be normal again so hahah :<
But yeah unis started and its getting hectic, zzzz

Birthdays past, caterings past, yada yada

Its actualy 3 am in the morning so ill elaborate on something another time.

Till then - waves

Uni again >_>

and the mid semester break has come to an end. yikes that was fast.
Its the last Thursday night of the break, 3:25 am in the morning and there are 2 reasons why I can't sleep.
- Sleeping patterns are screwed
- Have this crazy sore throat with a persistent cough. ( damn bro ) Argh its such a pain in the butt. Can't even drink properly.

So I try sleeping and it doesn't work; whats next best thing? blog about it. lame. As far as the holidays went, it was alright. Had a few catch up with friends including a movie, a party, the odd day at work and the recently passed Khmer New year, with good food. mmm. It was quite eventful actually. But yeah nothing really to big or life changing occurred - is that a good thing or a bad thing?

So uni starts in about 4 days for me (start on weds) and I suppose I'm not really looking too forward to it ( means i got to massive study again, exams, tests, quizzes to catch up on ) and what could be worse when uni starts right before the release of Super Street fighter 4 comes out ( On Thursday which is totally exciting, from a gamers point of view...)

Random thought : do you ever get the feeling you tend to be overlooked, underestimated and well, even just not noticed ? i guess it happens for me time to time, and it doesn't look so good, so I usually talk to those who are in that situation too, because its nice being talked to.

Sec0nd random thought: Its interesting how everyone has a different type of humor. I mean some are mutual ( cracking an awesome joke ) and there are just some friends who have the best sense of humor ever. Then you get the times where it's only YOU laughing uncontrollably in a situation that isn't meant to be funny.

The other day when we were bike riding, a friend fell off his bike. Do you find falls any bit humerus? some find laughing at them offensive. I don't, I think it's the funniest thing ever. The friend fell down and was in a light degree of pain, but I coudnt stop laughing. He had scratches on his fingers, his back, his shoulders, his knees, his waist and his helmet.

I Haven't laughed so much in ages man, because the guy kinda deserved the fall ( for being a jerk half the time ) so he kinda got what was coming. Of course I asked if he was alright and all but it was just too much for me to keep in. The motion of him falling just kept replaying in my head.

Anyways that totally made my day, I'm never going to let this go on him.

1st Semester break 2010

First two days of holidays gone, ALREADY. But it was a good start, because med rad
Pub crawl was awesomeness cheese.

Shout out to Med Raders!

Anyway the next night I had work. >_> but it wasn't too bad. One of the free perks as a wedding caterer is the free entertainment. This time around, it was a Chinese wedding, and plenty of old people went ( and left quite early to lol ) About half way through the wedding though, the bridal party gathered on the dance floor and out of nowhere the groom put on an usher like hat, and started dancing to the music, which, mind you, was put in a well choreographic manner. Soon enough, the other males of the bridal party started dancing all in sync and what you saw was a miniature backstreet boys like dance that gave the bride a night to remember. It was repeated with the girls in sexy stylish dance later too.

At the same time, you get to see what works and what doesn't. For example, this couple had an Ice sculpture of a groom and a bride kissing, sort of like a center piece which was pretty cool. Something to oversee for when my awesome wedding day comes.. (Kinda want my wedding to be memorial too but thats not going to happen anytime soon though D:)

So 1st mid semester break of 2010... What plans do you have for me?

Nothing on you

Ever notice when two swans meet, they make.. a love heart shape?

Yeah its old news so you've probably have heard that.

Watched she's outa my league today. Must say it isn't a bad movie, but isn't anything special, very solid,though it has it's awkward moments.
But it's good in that I can relate to that quite a bit. The whole concept, you kinda want it to be true, but you kinda know it wont ever happen lol.

3 assessments this week... though -.-
but it should be okay .. med rad pubcrawl. Wonder how that will go?

Nothing on you (bobby) is a good song, Might I recommend it? :3

Round 1... FIGHT

Today was... at least something.
Entered a Street fighter 4 tournament (16 players).
Contained quite a few pros, and last years Avcon winner, Peter.
For those who don't know, I actually wrote this long article about vsing him in Avcon, because I was that excited ( but looking at it now, I've realised how lame it is..)
Anyways long story short, I won it with no use of my "lives"(You get a second chance if you lose). The prize? nothing really except a free energy drink and the respect of other players. I mean, no one knew who I was, so I was like, an underdog.

If you... can be bothered at all , here's a clip of oa couple of my fights against a pro guy. ( WOW IM ON YOUTUBE! one of the players records and hosts the best matches of the night on youtube.., but its not the greatest quality.) If you do decide to watch, at least watch until the ending; I promise it was a very tight ending match, with an explosive finish.

Semi Finals

Grand finals

But it's hard if you don't really understand SF4, because you don't appreciate the technique/skill and subtle mind games that make the game so enjoyable.

Anyway during the game, thoughts were racing through my mind. Thoughts, like I had to prove something. Prove that If I really focused and put my mind on something, then I could get to where I wanted. Channeling all the thoughts and making it a purpose to win... But I was also fighting, just so I could stand out, maybe even get noticed. Fighting for something...someone

How long can I keep doing this? It's just a leisure thing, but just as a way to escape reality once in a while. which comes crash-landing back right after.

Shift Into Turbo

Don't you just hate it, when you think of a plan, get WAY too excited about what could happen, and you decide to initiate , but even during that first vital step, you hit an obstacle?
Now ideally speaking, you would try your best to get around such things. No really you would. But even then you have limits and your plan doesn't follow through, or openings you had hoped would never appear. Oh well, I'm sure there will be other chances, though time is ticking away...

Time waits for no-one...

Anyway in other news, Learned how to drive manual the other day which wasn't too shabby. Was tricky at first, with the bunnyhops and stalls, but got used to it fast. I'd like to think my leveled up hand-eye coordination (from gaming xD) helped me through that haha. It's just a shame that some people can take so long to just to learn manual *cough* or to to drive overall *cough*

Was talking to the brother who owns that manual evo 3, and found out his got some contraption that doesn't make you clutch for the first 3 gears. Sure makes life easer. Moving from stationary to first gear is the hardest part from what I hear and yeah it's true.

Also... my new fight stick came in. (wth is that?) Here's a picture. Pretty neat huh?
nah prob not, probably thinking geez vanta your the biggest geek for buying such a thing lol. ( I am though technically, just no body knows )

Talking to this Avcon guy, they say the new super street fighter tournament is gonna be bigger. 1st prize .. $1000, second is like $500 or something and then 3rd and 4th is a stick. He also mentioned people would be flying in from other states to compete in this tournament. I suppose that kills any chance of me winning, but still, I'll give it a good shot. how exciting :O

Anyway uni is also getting pretty intense now, so I should really focus. gotta do well... D:!

Haru Haru

Haven't updated for a while, but does anyone actually still reads this? hopefully not any pedo's either

What's the thing to say when you see your partner naked?
" I want you "
hahah wanted to share that. That was based of a vote from a mag I Read a while ago, Mens health I think. speaking of Mens health, haven't read a magazine for ages. Especially K-zone. Remembering back in year 3 buying my first copy and then buying every other copy until year 6-7 because it was the thing i Looked forwarded to everymonth of schoo. do. Nowadays it's every time the show comes up, The k-zone show bag is a staple. (reminisce that childhood)

Oh well, I've found my second home. Its the Mawsons lakes campus library. Been "studying" there for a bit now and it's incredibly peaceful albeit quiet. But after 2 hours of raw studying, it gets absolutely boring. Like painfully boring you want something to jump out and scare the living daylights out of you.
so i guess if your free within the vicinity, come say hi, it'll be a nice welcoming change

Wheres my change?

So uni has already started and the hype ( if there was any? ) has now pretty much died. And so we've all established ourselves and had a sneak peak on whats yet to come in terms of our course.

And hell. it looks hard. like crazily hard. but I Guess uni has always been like that..

So onto today random topic. hm well..
Why did I pick the Title "life's little knacks?"

The definition of a knack, according to word net :: bent: a special way of doing something; "he had a bent for it"; "he had a special knack for getting into trouble"; "he couldn't get the hang of it"
So in a sense it's like " life's little ways of doing things",you know getting around, understanding, witnessing, experiencing etc. which is whats suppose to be written here.

Are you a person that embraces change or dreads it? I suppose there's a billion factors that could effect your answer.
The extent of change, what kind of change, the significance of change.. you know.

But what I'm referring to is changes in a people.

Funny how one day you could be talking like there was no tomorrow, and the next it's a simply hello.good day.goodbye.
It was as if you had to introduce yourself all over again. LAME.
And yet that's just totally inevitable. yep. Everyday you see the gap get wider and wider. Ever wonder why? Did something happen while you were away? Did you do something wrong? Maybe you weren't really that much to them ?

Hmm... what to do. I guess all you can do is change along with them?...


If your not busy, then may I ask if you take 1 minute of your time to watch this nice short film. it's pretty cool and it's only 1 minute =D ( Double click film for whole file )

Hitting that right note

Just so you know.. most of these posts are written.... like at 1:30 am in the morning. It's quiet, everyone's asleep, including you (unless your hardcore partying o_o) and reading it any other time would make it sound weird if it isn't weird enough already. Best if it's in the same settings you know? but it's peaceful nevertheless...

What's it going to be this time?

Lately, I've had that urge to learn a new piano song, but since I no longer have the keyboard with me ( cousin took it back ) that's near to impossible . I'll eventually get it back someday.. but in the meantime I'm also slowly but surely forgetting how to play the 1 and a half songs I already know HOW to play.

So here's the first song I can play, completed, and sounds exactly like it:

If you did take the time to listen, then yes, it's quite the emo song, HAHA, but I love it, for it's simplicity and cleanliness (?)

Next up we have a song that I only know how to half play, the fingers got way to tricky at about 40 second mark. Seriously going to beat it someday -_-'

a nice song that reminds me of the childhood memories ) which also hints a bit of romance? (the main character, who is clearly nervous, is on an awkward date with his love interest when the song plays)

As you can see, even though these pieces are no where near Beethoven or Mozart, for someone who has no idea how to read scores, let alone not no anything to do with music, I'd say it's a fairly decent try!

but uni's gong to start soon.. T_T at least the people there are AWESOME CHEESE xD

Onto today's random topic: are you one of those people who are popular? I bet you are, or you're just being modest.
like, you sign in on msn : 10 conversations that go hey ! pop up and you suddenly find yourself in some balancing act trying to remember who you last replied to.

that or, even on fb, you post a remark/statement and you get a billion replies ? that's just win. hahah

Maybe even in real life (lol) you've always got people around you, and finding that perfect time to strike a 1 on 1 conversation with that person.. seems merely impossible.

dw, about 90% of the time you'll see me by myself, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have a conversation too

Oh not uni

Oh my, less then 2 weeks before uni starts.. -_-

Exciting for some, not so for others; and so which do you fit in?

Mixed feelings here. One side is sick of lazying around on your ass and having that urge to go out and learn something new, but the other screams waking up early, catching the train, and late nights at the library studying for tests and not so much games. and whats worse, the party season's dying too. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

And so many changes have already begun, seriously..

So as I brace myself for yet another year of uncertainty , I cannot help but wonder what the future holds in terms of well, you know :P

I mean the crazyness of 2010 has already started if you ask me. AHHHH

and needa get teh study mojo back too -_-

and now onto something incredibly random:
When you talk to people.. be it anyone, do you give them eye contact?
It's funny how i notice the way people do it. I look for about 3 seconds then glance away for like 5 seconds and then repeat. some people give you full eye contact during the conversation, and others don't look at all. is it out of shyness or are they simply staring at your face? hmm. I dunno, i find it pretty hard to give one full eye contact. feels weird. must be an Asian thing. =/

Oh yeah Happy Chinese new year and valentines! =) hope it was somewhat enjoyable !

Vanta signing off, over and out.

Proposal through a video game?

So was youtubing randomly the other day and came across a video of one of my favourite childhood games: chrono trigger. The video was pretty ingenius though, for it tells about a guy hacking into the game his girlfriend was playing and proposing through the game. It's got alot of gamers envious and I guess only the girl who was a gamer herself, would appreciate this unique way of proposing. Seriously go see for yourself.

Note : the actual area where the guy is is NOT in the game, it was his hack. The people he talks to doesn't exist too. The hacker boyfriend made the words said by the characters. I'd say skip to 4 minute mark.

By the way she said yes..

you look like your mum.

It's amazing how people resemble their parents sometimes. No seriously, it's crazy. Like you take the eyes and nose of one and borrow the mouth and ears of the other; plug it on the face and presto. You have your child.

I don't know, as people grow older, resemblances intensify. No you don't agree with me? hmm

oh well on the topic..

Heres a theory I like to ask people:

Good looking parents have an okay looking children
and okay looking parents have good looking children ( and i suppose if your in between you stay in between )
You think? I see it alot actually and it does seem to have its merits... hahaha

well you can't see any resemblence of me and neice Ariya? :O

Didn't think so.

You have a joystick in your car?

Picture a party like atmosphere, with the Playstation 3 up and ready.

Vanta: So.. do you play street fighter?

Some Guy: Yeah I do man

Vanta: You good?

Some Guy: I bet I can own you but I can only play with the joystick, not the controller...

Vanta: I brought a joystick.

Some guy: What the hell you serious? ahaha who brings a joystick around?

Vanta: yeah.. was playing at a friends place before, just happens to be in the car

Some Guy: I bet you knew there was going to be Street fighter 4 at this party

Vanta : I had some idea. But I'm better with the joystick then I am with the controller.

Some guy: I don't care I'm still going to use the joystick anyway and beat your ass.

Vanta goes and gets the joystick

Vanta : lets do this..

Vanta chooses guile. Guy chooses Vega . Vanta thinks " if he can use Vega he must know how to get around. hardly anyone I know uses Vega..."

Match starts off. sonic boom! sonic boom!

Some guy... as shown

3 minutes later. Vega: AGGHHHHH - Guile WINS.

Some guy : Woah man you're good.

Vanta : go rematch.

3 minutes later again : Guile wins.

Some guy : Okay you beat me. You're heaps good man.

Vanta : I'm sorry.. what did you say before?

some guy : didn't know you'd be that good.

- during the match I noticed he was above the average street fighter 4 player. I mean no wonder he felt confident he could beat me.

Vanta : good but not great, there's still so much things that need to be mastered in this game. Compared to tournament players. I get smashed by them.

Some guy : Don't know what your on about but your still damn good. David by the way.

Vanta : Vanta ..

the next hour consists of me ripping apart 12 other players wit my guile and joystick while a small crowd ttries to cheer on someone who can beat me. no one does. Everyone's just like ... what the.

The infamous joystick. Noticed how I keep a smile when i play my opponents. In the mean time they look to be concentrating to the max.

Yeah... just another street fighting day for me. Sorry for the boring post.

The end is coming

Holidays are closing in fast... and there’s not much time left. Noooooo more sleeping in!
So last night I agreed to do some catering for a wedding and you know, it was a pretty good experience overall.
I guess it depends on how you see it:
- A small wedding with only 20 tables total (40’s average), good for a newbie to start off with (only assigned two tables).
- Worked with some friends to take the pressure off being judged? xD
- Met some new people too
- Owners of the cater company were awesomely friendly
- Moving around carrying heavy food means you’re getting a free workout.
- Wedding atmosphere with all its gimmicks included; dancing, socialising and eye candy? :D
- Free wedding food was such a bonus

However; another wedding was going on at the same time at another place. Told it had about 60ish tables there? (Huge) And with so many people, there’s no wonder that friend of mine working there was going off about seeing a once in a life time “10”. The first 10 he had given ever! She must of been something then hey. Told she was a half cast too. I didn’t see any 10’s where I was working though D:

I guess when it comes to 10’s, you think to yourself there’s absolutely no way whatsoever I’d get with her and you pretty much sealed all opportunities before you even get started. I know heaps of friends (guys) like that, and it’s no wonder they’ve always been single and still are. It’s probably an Asian thing to be shy and how you were brought up being told to not take risks or something. That's why I’m in the same boat. Guess times are changing, and when you sense that the timings right, you become non-Asian just for the moment ._.

Kind of reminds me of that video clip Just a Nice Guy. So.. if you really have nothing else better to do (hence why your reading this in the first place) then give it a watch. It’s not that long and it’s pretty sweet, albeit cliché. Oh yeah the girl starring in the clip would definitely be a 10 in my books!

Why so hot?

Far out it's so hot. go outside for 2 mins and come back in, instant free tan. Simply walking to
the fridge to get a drink is a workout . what is this world coming too.
Its still pretty cool to walk half naked around the house and not get told off though. haha

But luckily there's a cool change tomorrow, 26 degrees for once!!!!!!

Now onto today's random topic:

Do you sleep in PJ's?

I've don't actually. It's usually shorts, a t or a singlet or even just boxers. I've never grown accustom to PJ's. Weird isn't it?

Short post because it's so friggen hot.

By the way, to all those reading this; it's probably been ages since I caught up with you at least 1 on 1 since the holidays. So...Vanta says Hi! :D

Musical Memories

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with this concept in mind:

Music has that ability to capture all the memories associated to the events within the time of playing

That probably didn't make sense at all did it? What I mean is..

Every time you listen to a song you like, a new song especially, whatever the events going around you ( be it formal, party, get togethers) you attach memories to the song. As a result, every time you play that song, in a week or a month away, memories come flooding back from the event and you reminisce . Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks so?

Here's an example, the overplayed Chris browns - Forever. Every time I Hear that song play, I think formal.. because that was the first time I heard the song. It was played so much it was bashed into my brain and I knew the lyrics off by heart. :O

Another would be my 17th. Only have feelings for you - Fahrenheit was played during karaoke-ing and was a hit for me. woo! you should check out the clip if you haven't already : it's cute !

Right now I've just exited the Black eye peas - I gotta feeling phase which has all the memories associated with the days leading to New Years Eve.

I also have another concept I'd think would be agreeable to most:

When someone gives you a song, anytime you listen to that song, you remember that person

Kinda reminds me of the Newtons laws of physics, but now with the law of memories/music? lol.

That's what I think anyway. Don't you think it's true though? I"m sure all of you reading this has a song that when you play, they pop into your mind. yep.

So what song are you into right now?

Currently I'm into Domino - David Archuleta : It's a nice song, not so catchy though. Been listening to this a while now prob move onto something new soon.

Guess that's it for today, might expand on another time.

and Happy Birthday Kevin!!

Oh, passed the VORT test! about time too -_- . Thus, should be getting the P's real soon! now all I need is a sweet car, some money and well, you know. D: