The end is coming

Holidays are closing in fast... and there’s not much time left. Noooooo more sleeping in!
So last night I agreed to do some catering for a wedding and you know, it was a pretty good experience overall.
I guess it depends on how you see it:
- A small wedding with only 20 tables total (40’s average), good for a newbie to start off with (only assigned two tables).
- Worked with some friends to take the pressure off being judged? xD
- Met some new people too
- Owners of the cater company were awesomely friendly
- Moving around carrying heavy food means you’re getting a free workout.
- Wedding atmosphere with all its gimmicks included; dancing, socialising and eye candy? :D
- Free wedding food was such a bonus

However; another wedding was going on at the same time at another place. Told it had about 60ish tables there? (Huge) And with so many people, there’s no wonder that friend of mine working there was going off about seeing a once in a life time “10”. The first 10 he had given ever! She must of been something then hey. Told she was a half cast too. I didn’t see any 10’s where I was working though D:

I guess when it comes to 10’s, you think to yourself there’s absolutely no way whatsoever I’d get with her and you pretty much sealed all opportunities before you even get started. I know heaps of friends (guys) like that, and it’s no wonder they’ve always been single and still are. It’s probably an Asian thing to be shy and how you were brought up being told to not take risks or something. That's why I’m in the same boat. Guess times are changing, and when you sense that the timings right, you become non-Asian just for the moment ._.

Kind of reminds me of that video clip Just a Nice Guy. So.. if you really have nothing else better to do (hence why your reading this in the first place) then give it a watch. It’s not that long and it’s pretty sweet, albeit cliché. Oh yeah the girl starring in the clip would definitely be a 10 in my books!