Musical Memories

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with this concept in mind:

Music has that ability to capture all the memories associated to the events within the time of playing

That probably didn't make sense at all did it? What I mean is..

Every time you listen to a song you like, a new song especially, whatever the events going around you ( be it formal, party, get togethers) you attach memories to the song. As a result, every time you play that song, in a week or a month away, memories come flooding back from the event and you reminisce . Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks so?

Here's an example, the overplayed Chris browns - Forever. Every time I Hear that song play, I think formal.. because that was the first time I heard the song. It was played so much it was bashed into my brain and I knew the lyrics off by heart. :O

Another would be my 17th. Only have feelings for you - Fahrenheit was played during karaoke-ing and was a hit for me. woo! you should check out the clip if you haven't already : it's cute !

Right now I've just exited the Black eye peas - I gotta feeling phase which has all the memories associated with the days leading to New Years Eve.

I also have another concept I'd think would be agreeable to most:

When someone gives you a song, anytime you listen to that song, you remember that person

Kinda reminds me of the Newtons laws of physics, but now with the law of memories/music? lol.

That's what I think anyway. Don't you think it's true though? I"m sure all of you reading this has a song that when you play, they pop into your mind. yep.

So what song are you into right now?

Currently I'm into Domino - David Archuleta : It's a nice song, not so catchy though. Been listening to this a while now prob move onto something new soon.

Guess that's it for today, might expand on another time.

and Happy Birthday Kevin!!

Oh, passed the VORT test! about time too -_- . Thus, should be getting the P's real soon! now all I need is a sweet car, some money and well, you know. D: