Why so hot?

Far out it's so hot. go outside for 2 mins and come back in, instant free tan. Simply walking to
the fridge to get a drink is a workout . what is this world coming too.
Its still pretty cool to walk half naked around the house and not get told off though. haha

But luckily there's a cool change tomorrow, 26 degrees for once!!!!!!

Now onto today's random topic:

Do you sleep in PJ's?

I've don't actually. It's usually shorts, a t or a singlet or even just boxers. I've never grown accustom to PJ's. Weird isn't it?

Short post because it's so friggen hot.

By the way, to all those reading this; it's probably been ages since I caught up with you at least 1 on 1 since the holidays. So...Vanta says Hi! :D