Oh not uni

Oh my, less then 2 weeks before uni starts.. -_-

Exciting for some, not so for others; and so which do you fit in?

Mixed feelings here. One side is sick of lazying around on your ass and having that urge to go out and learn something new, but the other screams waking up early, catching the train, and late nights at the library studying for tests and not so much games. and whats worse, the party season's dying too. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

And so many changes have already begun, seriously..

So as I brace myself for yet another year of uncertainty , I cannot help but wonder what the future holds in terms of well, you know :P

I mean the crazyness of 2010 has already started if you ask me. AHHHH

and needa get teh study mojo back too -_-

and now onto something incredibly random:
When you talk to people.. be it anyone, do you give them eye contact?
It's funny how i notice the way people do it. I look for about 3 seconds then glance away for like 5 seconds and then repeat. some people give you full eye contact during the conversation, and others don't look at all. is it out of shyness or are they simply staring at your face? hmm. I dunno, i find it pretty hard to give one full eye contact. feels weird. must be an Asian thing. =/

Oh yeah Happy Chinese new year and valentines! =) hope it was somewhat enjoyable !

Vanta signing off, over and out.



February 18, 2010 at 3:03 AM

I don't give full eye contact. <_< Maybe it is an Asian thing. I have this horrible habit of staring off into the distance when I talk to people sometimes. It was so bad when I was talking to friend and laughed at one of her jokes while staring into the distance. An acquaintance I didn't really know very well walked past and thought I was smiling enthusiastically at him...so awkward xD
Bad habiiiit >_<


February 23, 2010 at 6:26 AM

definitely an asian thing! nawww woulda been the perfect time to get to know him if you know what i mean ;) hah but yeah , staring off in the distance is also a habit of mine. makes me look like im not in the conversation when really i taking it all in D: