Round 1... FIGHT

Today was... at least something.
Entered a Street fighter 4 tournament (16 players).
Contained quite a few pros, and last years Avcon winner, Peter.
For those who don't know, I actually wrote this long article about vsing him in Avcon, because I was that excited ( but looking at it now, I've realised how lame it is..)
Anyways long story short, I won it with no use of my "lives"(You get a second chance if you lose). The prize? nothing really except a free energy drink and the respect of other players. I mean, no one knew who I was, so I was like, an underdog.

If you... can be bothered at all , here's a clip of oa couple of my fights against a pro guy. ( WOW IM ON YOUTUBE! one of the players records and hosts the best matches of the night on youtube.., but its not the greatest quality.) If you do decide to watch, at least watch until the ending; I promise it was a very tight ending match, with an explosive finish.

Semi Finals

Grand finals

But it's hard if you don't really understand SF4, because you don't appreciate the technique/skill and subtle mind games that make the game so enjoyable.

Anyway during the game, thoughts were racing through my mind. Thoughts, like I had to prove something. Prove that If I really focused and put my mind on something, then I could get to where I wanted. Channeling all the thoughts and making it a purpose to win... But I was also fighting, just so I could stand out, maybe even get noticed. Fighting for something...someone

How long can I keep doing this? It's just a leisure thing, but just as a way to escape reality once in a while. which comes crash-landing back right after.