6:30 am in the morning. Yeah that sounds right about bed time.
Seriously. Nowadays its sleep late , wake up late. I predict I'm going to wake up at about 2 ish. Thats what holidays does to you.

Anyway so i Finito my last exam. feeling was amazing.

Dont you just hate it, when during Swotvac, you have so much things you want to do, but as soon as it's over its : either you don't know where to start or you don't want to do it anymore.

What are your plans these holidays? Got anything special going on?

I Kinda only have one main thing I'm looking forward to : Avcon 2010. I can strut my street fighter skills off :O Better start training hard for that too...

That actually sounds quite sad... lol. Yeah I question myself why do I even still play the game? A form of recognition? finally something im half decent at?

Random topic of the day

How often or how deep do you judge people?

I mean this can be people you just met to friends.
Is it enough to notice one bad thing to judge them on all bad things of them? Do you judge them on how they dress? What they say? Their actions? their body language?

I Try not to judge but rather, look for some meaning or reasoning by their actions. Was it due to inexperience (Noobiness), Lazy, accidental? perhaps thats judging in a form anyway.

It's wierd. There are just some people you can get along really fine, but others will hate you for being yourself. Is that due to bad judgement?