So here's an idea.

Whilst your a teenager... you tend to say things that might be dismissed as you just being ignorant.
"His still young, he doesn't know yet"

I've had my fair share of being told off for saying random stuff that isn't .. appropriate? Being to cocky, saying things that isn't right? ( But that's just because ... well who's suppose to teach me? parents? spending lots of time alone doesn't help but then again... I should be picking up on stuff like this.. meh no excuses)

and yet being 20, which is considered to be quite a yucky number, because of your transition from a teen and an adult ( Not quite a teen, Not yet an adult till your 21 right?) it still feels as if I'm 18.

Talk about maturity... but they say girls mature faster guys, physically and probably mentally as well. I'll get back to that. In another post

So what do I mean by maturity? - holding responsibilities, being part of society and the social norms. There is etiquette to everything nowadays -Work, shopping, dinner with friends, being around others, toilet, uni and all of that. Even social gatherings have etiquette ( Dress formally, small talk, casual, don't be that wierd guy )

The only time when this doesn't apply is either when your with
a) You're best and closest buddies where anything can happen
b) you're other half all alone? ( I assume)

Being the odd one guy, it's OK I guess to start accepting that being normal is ... the way it's suppose to go. right?

Sometimes I'd say that isn't normal. or inappropriate. or too random. That's okay back then but being an adult... doesn't give you the best image right? Especially at a work environment, when you want to be trusted and be .. professional.

"Everything you say may and will be held against you"
- Boobs

Joke aside, As you grow up, things you say, do , act upon ... everyone's watching and judging your actions. What you say. Your responsibilities. It really is a massive world out there and it's a bit wierd.
Being 21... your an adult, and I your to act as one. perhaps Girls would find that impressive as well.

Today a friend I was talking to thought I'd have at least a few long relationships by now , just by the person I was, personality wise and she was surprise when I told her none.
She replied that it was a cute thing.

But is that really true? Ignorance doesn't get you far. not this late in life.

We are all still very much learning. All the way till we die. Some... just not as fast as others.

I still have so much to learn.

Take it one day at a time