8 month rewind

Oh wow. It's been almost 8 months since my Last post. Time just flies doesn't it...?

Soo many things have happened... just an incredibly quick recount

Friends coming and going
Breakups and not so many make ups
Not doing anything for valentines :P
Bit of work
And just life in general can be a bit frustrating at times.

As of now I'm my 3rd week of my 1st placement. And to be absolutely honest: it's alright... I mean, because I'm still nooby at what I do, so I don't feel as comfortable and theres some degree of pressure to look good. Like I'd always hear about "the student at modbury is so good, learns so fast" and about other students doing pretty well whilst I'm only doing average if not, a bit slow. I guess If I really focused 120% I could learn faster , but with life, there are just so many more distractions you need to clear first...

Anyways Life, for me, in general really doesn't revolve much..

Uni : Exams, placement, study, ugh
Bit of gaming : Tournament practice, SF , bit of dota everynow and then
Social Life : different groups of people... Med rads, unisa, dota, Norwood crew, street fighter ..
It's a bit hard to balance at times, I mean Most people have work commitments on top of that but at least your kept busy and getting monies too!

Random topic of the day:

Having Long curly hair...can be hit or miss with some people. I mean for me, It just adds another layer of individuality, and if I'm not different enough ( I play GUY from sff4 for crying out loud, who does that let alone play sf at a competative level ) . My hair dressor loves my curly hair and thinks it makes me look good in a different way. So I ask a girl and she's like, vanta, get a frikking haircut. So I did. It's pretty short and you can see semi curls but it's not enough to be curly just yet :P.

This Friday there's going to be dinner with the medrads, which will be interesting as it isn't really much of the Asian crew, rather the non-Asians. It'd would be nice to get connected with them for networking and just to see what its like to hang around them, though theres always that cute girlthat you'd want to get closer too. Kinda hope that hair cut might get a few looks? bahha but who am I kidding..?

Then we have Paintballing the day after, which should be fun. Haven't been in a while and seeing people in pain can never not be funny. Isn't that right Le? Just hope the weather holds out, but then again, paint-balling in rain... oh snap

On top of that, There is an exam this Tuesday that I haven't even started studying for. Oh dear...

And then the following a Saturday, a street fighter tournament. I'm really considering retiring ssf4 after this , just to concentrate on other life aspects... and yet interstate friends are wanting me to attend some major ssf4 event in Melbourne during june! D:

And we have a billion birthdays alligned up this march. Povo much?

This random outburst of events that all happen in march =/