The end of a legacy

Ever get that sudden "realization" thing going on?

It's when something "clicks", and you just know how it works. The best example I can think of is when you look at those pitures that require you to stare really close and you eventually move it away until you see some sort of picture. Something about brain activity increasing and yada yada

well....I guess it's time something changed.

Street Fighter 4. It started back early in 2009 when uni just started and I played at JB. from there it become a hobby until some guy beat me hard at Avcon - when it became a passion.
Passion to be the top player... in Adelaide anyway...

Ever since then I've just played.. and played and played.
2 years later I'm still playing .. but I ask myself what happens now?
It's funny. SF4 has become part of my identity. It was good for a while but as time goes by, you grow older and mature and you realise It's just a game and ... there's so much more to life.

What am I trying to say?

I'm going to stop playing street fighter 4 competitively and altogether. There's too much to think about always staying on top and although it sounds stupid and everything hear me out.

Stopping it - it's sort of like losing a part of your identity, a part of you.
Everyone knows me for sf4 and well.. sure that's randy dandy but .... then what.

Stop and assess the more important aspects in life perhaps...

So what that means is I also need to find a new hobby/thing to keep me busy. That could be anything you want it to be. ;)

Also I need to really work on uni. It's no where near the potential I could be. If I put as much effort as I did in sf4 for uni, I'm pretty sure I'd get another form of respect.

SF4 isn't exactly the best thing to use to impress any err girls. Thanks for the tip older vanta.

"In order to expand your horizons, you first need to lose sight of the shore"

Something like that. Letting go of ssf4 and taking on something different.

It's going to be hard at first, the urges to get back into something your good at... but It's the only way to grow up.

Training for this weeks SF4 tournament online, I've never felt so on top of my game. It's asif everything I've learnt has come together and just paved a way to.. victory? hahah.

It will be my last fight for a very very long time. Quit while you're on top, so you can leave the legacy behind for everyone to talk about ..