One without the other

Recently finished reading the Lost symbol by Dan brown and it's a serious page turner that leaves you ALWAYS wanting to read more at the end of every chapter.
Don't you just hate when the author can capture you like that so well?

Anyways one of the aspects I noticed and I could relate to was to do with how they discussed about the MASON religion and how all of it's ritual are related to death.
-part of becoming a member of the higher ranking requires you to pass several I suppose... tests that aids in understanding and enlightens you

(Think The Simpsons episode where he wants to join that religious club that only Lenny and Carl where members)
- Anyway it involves drinking from a real skull, pretending to be bashed to death and praying in front of a reaper.

Sure it's all scary but the reason it exists is so that the closer you are to experiencing death, the more you will be enlightened about "life"
In other words. you can't appreciate life and what it holds unless you first experience what death is about...

So what I'm getting from is that the greater you experience one thing, the higher the intensity you will experience of the opposite half should you come experience it.

Do I make sense?

If not. lets rephrase that somewhat.
The more you gain, the more you have to lose.
The "deeper" your love for a person, the "deeper" the pain you feel when you have lost
The greater respect you have, the more you have to lose (WHEN you lose)
Increase the money you bet, the greater the chance of returns, but the ore you lose when you lose

Anyways, the point is. you go deeper to one spectrum, the more deeper you go into the other. Kind of like Yin and Yang. Light and darkness.

Yeah I'm sure most people have been through the HIGHS and LOWS of life.
I know I have. Lots of Lows, Lots of Highs. and well the cycle repeats and you learn each time - that is LIFE for you.

It from here I think is when people do amazing feats. When they are pushed to deepest sides of hell, something just snaps and you go to the other direction with an amazing caliber.

Though there is one thing I've always wanted to know about and harness.

The driving force to do something. That very existence of "willpower". The intent that pushes you to take action.

Met a guy at the gym (who helps me now and is a pretty good friend). HE told me his story how when he was a kid, he was an absolute dick. to the teachers. ALWAYS playing pranks on teachers, talking back, even requiring one to go a mental institute at one time. Also picked on fat kids. Very close to getting expelled. This was during his year 8-10

it was until one of the massive tank teachers sat down with him and absolutely told him off like crazy. and it was then that he stopped all of a sudden and just changed overnight. He became quiet, started studying hard (he was getting E's before) and pretty much showed all the teachers the potential he could be (He now goes to uni)

Anyways he pretty much showed everyone he put his mind to something and focused like no tomorrow he could PASS year 12 and go to uni (he was getting e's in year 8-10 )

And now he is an absolute TANK. The biggest guy I've seen. Muscle wise.
Quite the determination eh?
He sank to an all time low ( Getting E's and failing and being an absolute dick) now his in uni and is absolutely ripped, and is also one of the nicest guys I know.

Again, that spectrum thing applies here...

It's funny. I know and seen many people as a kid, who were bullied , picked on, and were loners and not very popular. This "pain" has driven them to not only to become MUCH MORE successful than their bully counter parts, but they're physique outclasses the bully like no tomorrow. Hell if the bully, now, started on the him now, he'd get owned inside and out. The bully now had a hard labor job and well, isn't as muscly as the victim.
A good slap to the bully's face isn't it?
Again that spectrum thing applies.

Life experiences... the driving force

I think too much.... bah I'll finish this another time.
And excuse my dodgy grammar. i'd edit it but it's 12 and I'm sleepy.