Lets talk about something worth talking about ey? Relationships.

Ok so I haven't been in one, YET so my point may or may not be valid, But there's something to really bothers me when I see others in a relationship do ;

When a guy is clearly in a relationship but flirts the crap out with other girls, when she isn't around.

I mean it could very well be all fun and a bit of games, but there is a clear-well define line that you can't cross and some people run across with no regard whatsoever.

A friend of mine, who went into one last year (theyve been togather for a year now) I believe, does it right.

you could say he is the typical nice boy who doesn't really talk to many girls. He finally gets the gf and bam. I literally never see him again. He is THAT devoted to her. he helps out her dad, helps out her family, bring her to family gatherings, and pretty much reserves everything for her. I don't think i've seen him again.

But I respect that. because Thats how a boyfriend should be like. ( he seemed quite family orientated).

On the other hand, a guy with a gf who is flirting the crap out other girls, makes me.. ugh. Maybe it's because he should no better to be (cheating but less severe) on other girl. wtf?
you have a girl man, rock her world already!

it makes me one to punch them in the face and tell them to go home and be a family man