Update on life:

the new game street fighter x tekken is out. it has pretty much replaced ssf4, my main game.

its a good game and all but...... something inside just feels like it's no longer my reason to continue playing. I've bought it, played it and i do pretty good but it's just not right. is this what i need to break away from the pro gameing i did during my uni years?

is this what it feels like to finally.. grow up?

life these days.. it's slow and unpassianotable. yeah yeah, im aware that for i'm pretty pessimistic these days. my belief is that all the past expereience is what creates you at the present and I guess. it's been quite negative for me.

sometimes I ask why......... can't I just be normal ..

I'm not too sure what to say about the event that happened on the 14/03/2012.

"THE 23-year-old woman driver of a small car is dead after the vehicle and a truck collided on Port Wakefield Rd at Bolivar. "

I guess throughout life you hear about people's death and you don't think too much about it. But I guess when you actually know the person it becomes different. It pull strings you didn't know you had. ( Me anyway)

so this girl was someone i'd met a while back just after a friendly conversation. turns out she is a friends of a sister anyway. we exchanged a few conversation every time we crossed paths but that was almost it.

I had her facebook and i'd see her photo posts from time to time. and now she is gone. It's like the first time someone i knew in some regard who's actually died young.

I'm still in disbelief about it - do people really ju st die like that? she had almost everything going for her and bam this happens.
The countless tributes to her and her brothers messages are also something to take note off.

it's been a sad week. Hope you Rest in peace, noone deserves to die young.

makes you appreciate life more