Uni again >_>

and the mid semester break has come to an end. yikes that was fast.
Its the last Thursday night of the break, 3:25 am in the morning and there are 2 reasons why I can't sleep.
- Sleeping patterns are screwed
- Have this crazy sore throat with a persistent cough. ( damn bro ) Argh its such a pain in the butt. Can't even drink properly.

So I try sleeping and it doesn't work; whats next best thing? blog about it. lame. As far as the holidays went, it was alright. Had a few catch up with friends including a movie, a party, the odd day at work and the recently passed Khmer New year, with good food. mmm. It was quite eventful actually. But yeah nothing really to big or life changing occurred - is that a good thing or a bad thing?

So uni starts in about 4 days for me (start on weds) and I suppose I'm not really looking too forward to it ( means i got to massive study again, exams, tests, quizzes to catch up on ) and what could be worse when uni starts right before the release of Super Street fighter 4 comes out ( On Thursday which is totally exciting, from a gamers point of view...)

Random thought : do you ever get the feeling you tend to be overlooked, underestimated and well, even just not noticed ? i guess it happens for me time to time, and it doesn't look so good, so I usually talk to those who are in that situation too, because its nice being talked to.

Sec0nd random thought: Its interesting how everyone has a different type of humor. I mean some are mutual ( cracking an awesome joke ) and there are just some friends who have the best sense of humor ever. Then you get the times where it's only YOU laughing uncontrollably in a situation that isn't meant to be funny.

The other day when we were bike riding, a friend fell off his bike. Do you find falls any bit humerus? some find laughing at them offensive. I don't, I think it's the funniest thing ever. The friend fell down and was in a light degree of pain, but I coudnt stop laughing. He had scratches on his fingers, his back, his shoulders, his knees, his waist and his helmet.

I Haven't laughed so much in ages man, because the guy kinda deserved the fall ( for being a jerk half the time ) so he kinda got what was coming. Of course I asked if he was alright and all but it was just too much for me to keep in. The motion of him falling just kept replaying in my head.

Anyways that totally made my day, I'm never going to let this go on him.

1st Semester break 2010

First two days of holidays gone, ALREADY. But it was a good start, because med rad
Pub crawl was awesomeness cheese.

Shout out to Med Raders!

Anyway the next night I had work. >_> but it wasn't too bad. One of the free perks as a wedding caterer is the free entertainment. This time around, it was a Chinese wedding, and plenty of old people went ( and left quite early to lol ) About half way through the wedding though, the bridal party gathered on the dance floor and out of nowhere the groom put on an usher like hat, and started dancing to the music, which, mind you, was put in a well choreographic manner. Soon enough, the other males of the bridal party started dancing all in sync and what you saw was a miniature backstreet boys like dance that gave the bride a night to remember. It was repeated with the girls in sexy stylish dance later too.

At the same time, you get to see what works and what doesn't. For example, this couple had an Ice sculpture of a groom and a bride kissing, sort of like a center piece which was pretty cool. Something to oversee for when my awesome wedding day comes.. (Kinda want my wedding to be memorial too but thats not going to happen anytime soon though D:)

So 1st mid semester break of 2010... What plans do you have for me?

Nothing on you

Ever notice when two swans meet, they make.. a love heart shape?

Yeah its old news so you've probably have heard that.

Watched she's outa my league today. Must say it isn't a bad movie, but isn't anything special, very solid,though it has it's awkward moments.
But it's good in that I can relate to that quite a bit. The whole concept, you kinda want it to be true, but you kinda know it wont ever happen lol.

3 assessments this week... though -.-
but it should be okay .. med rad pubcrawl. Wonder how that will go?

Nothing on you (bobby) is a good song, Might I recommend it? :3