Days of our lives

What a situation I'm in. it's 3:00 am and I'm in uni at city east in the computer sweep. I'm pretty sure everyones asleep, so I'm not going to be bothered giving them a call to pick me up.
Since then alot has happened. I guess it's the reason I blog is to stop and think about how are things shaping up. hmm?

So it was about last week that I entered a street fighter 4 tournament (i suppose it could be compared to state league) and placed second. But Although that sounds good and all, there wernt many good players there (prob 5 max ) and I know quite a few more people who DIDN'T enter the tournament who are just as exceptionally good. Having said that, I dont think it was a very well representation of who was the "best" in south australia, but it's not like i'm complaining ...

So the winner, who's an absolute beast (in sf4) turns out to be a 1st year uni student studying science at adelaide. It's funny, because we are actually really good friends now ( competativeness is still there, he beats me much more then i can him ...). The Winner of the competition gets to go to sydney (FOR FREE) and compete in the national tournament. second .. doesn't get anything (which totally sucks.. oh well) but I've decided to go anyway despite paying for my own tickets : mainly because

a) I still have a chance to compete in nationals just have to start at the bottom of the list.
b) I was asked to represent team Adelaide ( team games will be there, teams consist of 3 people)
c) Support my friends entering
d) Meet the top players in australia who I vs online at home
e) Get to see the top player in the world fight off (might even take a picture with him, his celebrity status in the world of fighting games )
f) I get to go to sydney for the first time and explore for a bit

The 2 finalists of this nationals tournament THEN gets to go to las vegas and particpate in the "world" championships representing Australias best. How epic is that?

By now you've probably stop reading, because its so boring and you want to get to some interesting stuff....So I ask myself, why am I still doing this?

I'm young (19) and want to enjoy it while I still can ( even if it is sf related...)
I'm single, which means i have time on my hands and can do whaaaaaaaatever I want :) as long as it doesn't effect my studies, then Its fine. If i suck at sf so badly I always have uni to lay back on. (though im still behind lol.)

I know it sounds kinda stupid and maybe lame, but think of it like this. Do you have a hobby? is it piano? badminton? cars? chatting up girls/boys?( I suck at all those btw) lol. Exactly its something we enjoy. Imagine taking it those activities the next level, were technique, execution, knowledge and mind games form the basis of your skills ( can be applied to all of them albeit piano). This is what I'm talking about. It's deeper then you think...

But at the same time theres alot more to life then this. I am very aware of that too. It's just a phase I'm in and when I do eventually exit and move on with life ( you know.. get the job, the girlfriend :), have the car to take her out and do all sorts of crazy stuff ) then that will be the end of it. I'll have a memory to look back and say (yeah I was one of the best at sf4 in my days... hah) but until then, enjoy it while your young.

To be honest though, I'd never talk about this to anyone. Its kind of like vanta by day, street fighter by night. or something. not the person to talk about myself at all. kind of hey whats up yeah nothings going on. whod be interested in this stuff anyway.

My flight to sydney will be on the 27th, going for the weekend. it's quite exciting though, can't wait! but i'll behind a weekend on uni. argh.

This is the only place were I can be selfish and talk nonstop about myself. I rarely do it on facebook, msn or in real life. It's like the world revolves around you when you do stuff like that, and hat can be spared.

I haven't seen my friends in such a long time though... Its busy exam period though too but I wouldnt mind catching up with them.

My sf games.

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals


And to finish off a relly nice music video... Well i found it sweet and enjoyable:


Been a while since my last update. been so busy with heaps of stuff. ..
nah not really - the new street fighter locked me up in my room for quite a bit.
Anyways so whats been happening since..

Got the haircut - its the first thing everyone notices : Vanta you look different what happened?
" Oh i Shaved, that's all"
lol. However it is growing out pretty fast, so by the time you see me again, it'll be normal again so hahah :<
But yeah unis started and its getting hectic, zzzz

Birthdays past, caterings past, yada yada

Its actualy 3 am in the morning so ill elaborate on something another time.

Till then - waves