Hitting that right note

Just so you know.. most of these posts are written.... like at 1:30 am in the morning. It's quiet, everyone's asleep, including you (unless your hardcore partying o_o) and reading it any other time would make it sound weird if it isn't weird enough already. Best if it's in the same settings you know? but it's peaceful nevertheless...

What's it going to be this time?

Lately, I've had that urge to learn a new piano song, but since I no longer have the keyboard with me ( cousin took it back ) that's near to impossible . I'll eventually get it back someday.. but in the meantime I'm also slowly but surely forgetting how to play the 1 and a half songs I already know HOW to play.

So here's the first song I can play, completed, and sounds exactly like it:

If you did take the time to listen, then yes, it's quite the emo song, HAHA, but I love it, for it's simplicity and cleanliness (?)

Next up we have a song that I only know how to half play, the fingers got way to tricky at about 40 second mark. Seriously going to beat it someday -_-'

a nice song that reminds me of the childhood memories ) which also hints a bit of romance? (the main character, who is clearly nervous, is on an awkward date with his love interest when the song plays)

As you can see, even though these pieces are no where near Beethoven or Mozart, for someone who has no idea how to read scores, let alone not no anything to do with music, I'd say it's a fairly decent try!

but uni's gong to start soon.. T_T at least the people there are AWESOME CHEESE xD

Onto today's random topic: are you one of those people who are popular? I bet you are, or you're just being modest.
like, you sign in on msn : 10 conversations that go hey ! pop up and you suddenly find yourself in some balancing act trying to remember who you last replied to.

that or, even on fb, you post a remark/statement and you get a billion replies ? that's just win. hahah

Maybe even in real life (lol) you've always got people around you, and finding that perfect time to strike a 1 on 1 conversation with that person.. seems merely impossible.

dw, about 90% of the time you'll see me by myself, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have a conversation too

Oh not uni

Oh my, less then 2 weeks before uni starts.. -_-

Exciting for some, not so for others; and so which do you fit in?

Mixed feelings here. One side is sick of lazying around on your ass and having that urge to go out and learn something new, but the other screams waking up early, catching the train, and late nights at the library studying for tests and not so much games. and whats worse, the party season's dying too. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

And so many changes have already begun, seriously..

So as I brace myself for yet another year of uncertainty , I cannot help but wonder what the future holds in terms of well, you know :P

I mean the crazyness of 2010 has already started if you ask me. AHHHH

and needa get teh study mojo back too -_-

and now onto something incredibly random:
When you talk to people.. be it anyone, do you give them eye contact?
It's funny how i notice the way people do it. I look for about 3 seconds then glance away for like 5 seconds and then repeat. some people give you full eye contact during the conversation, and others don't look at all. is it out of shyness or are they simply staring at your face? hmm. I dunno, i find it pretty hard to give one full eye contact. feels weird. must be an Asian thing. =/

Oh yeah Happy Chinese new year and valentines! =) hope it was somewhat enjoyable !

Vanta signing off, over and out.

Proposal through a video game?

So was youtubing randomly the other day and came across a video of one of my favourite childhood games: chrono trigger. The video was pretty ingenius though, for it tells about a guy hacking into the game his girlfriend was playing and proposing through the game. It's got alot of gamers envious and I guess only the girl who was a gamer herself, would appreciate this unique way of proposing. Seriously go see for yourself.

Note : the actual area where the guy is is NOT in the game, it was his hack. The people he talks to doesn't exist too. The hacker boyfriend made the words said by the characters. I'd say skip to 4 minute mark.

By the way she said yes..

you look like your mum.

It's amazing how people resemble their parents sometimes. No seriously, it's crazy. Like you take the eyes and nose of one and borrow the mouth and ears of the other; plug it on the face and presto. You have your child.

I don't know, as people grow older, resemblances intensify. No you don't agree with me? hmm

oh well on the topic..

Heres a theory I like to ask people:

Good looking parents have an okay looking children
and okay looking parents have good looking children ( and i suppose if your in between you stay in between )
You think? I see it alot actually and it does seem to have its merits... hahaha

well you can't see any resemblence of me and neice Ariya? :O

Didn't think so.