the last time i blogged was like.. 4 months ago.

since then as always alot has passed.

Uni, birthdays, tournaments.

well yeah. I could spend my time talking about them but It's 5 am and I frankly can't be bothered ( More on this later)

2011 has 1 day left as of this post.

Looking back, I must say, I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hope. Perhaps it's the responsibilities of growing older? Perhaps it's because I haven't achieved what I've set out to achieve as in, 2011 resolutuions... I don't know.

But I wonder to those who read this, has anyone gone to that stage where they just can't be bothered anymore? where they lack motivation? where they aren't just in the mood?

Maybe you've seen it in movies, where the guy goes to the local bar and gets drunk off his ass and he doesn't care. That's the nfeeling right now. Like theres no will, driving power, excitement. Nothing to wake up too.

It's a dangerous position to be in because you can lose all the things you've worked towards . A phase people go through?......

Like I can't even be bothered going to the gym anymore. let alone go for a jog. Perhaps it was because at one stage when i was active etc, i wasn't really getting anywhere. so like y ou just cbb. I don't even know if what i'm typing makes any sense. I'm even losing interst in SSF4 now. My mission has been accomplished Foot print in hall of fame and that's it.

seriously what the hell. why is ut so boring nowadays wtf. sometimes you feel like the brain is about to explode of boredom!!