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SHHOULD BE REVISING RIGHT NOW but I'll do it tomorrow. So brain dead arrrgaa oogabooga !aldsf;a

Some random thought crossed my mind today; and you know how you laugh when you remember something funny? well I had one of those
About a year ago, whilst on a cruise with my cousin; we were discussing about girls. It's always an interesting topic, and I guess he has had his fair share with the female counterparts. Anyways during the conversation I remember him saying..

Vanta. If you want to know what a girl looks like years later down the track, just take a look at their mum. She'll probably end up looking like that

I LOL'd at the thought of that.

But on second thoughts, perhaps there's some degree of truth to it. I mean sometimes you can actually really see the resemblance between mothers and daughters & fathers and sons. Especially the really big ones, i mean if the mums really (fat) it's not uncommon to see the daughter just as big.

And then on the other side of the spectrum, you get the ones that totally look like they were inserted from another family. Guess it must be a gentics mix and match thing. I'd assume it works for the male side of the family too.

So how do you fair?
Luckily, my dad, aged in his mid 50's , is still surprisingly fit and healthy, and same goes for my mum. Neither of them is overweight, and my dad is probably a tad thinner then he should be, but i'm not complaining. looks like I'm set for a pretty okay future, aging wise. hahaha

I'll clean this post up later soo tired -_-

Blue and red.

When I woke up today I had the urge to spice up my room just so it look more classier. What better way to do that with a new wall scroll which I bought that afternoon later.

So I present to you my new wall scroll:

It's the blue one on the right.

A few reasons why I choose this one in particular:
- It's Naruto; everyone loves Naruto right? (well most people..)
- Needed a colour to contrast with red, so why not pick a relaxing blue
- Cool action pose :O
- Simple design, again, in contrast to the somewhat noisier Kingdom Hearts one.
- Rasengan symbolizes Naruto's strength from within; willpower, determination and perseverance, to master the seemingly impossible ability; something I should be adapting for end of year exams..
- Thought the spiral effect looked pretty neat.

hahaha as you can see, I'm such a geek. But i guess, there's no point lying to people about who you truly are right? ;)

If you look carefully you can see my other figures; a transformer, a Gundam and a few Zoids lined up next to each other. I've been collecting them since I was a kid, because as you would know, you had to do something to keep you entertained during those teenage years.

Just a little snapshot of my secret room; since no one's really ever been in it.

Sorry, what was that?

Most of the time, the highlights of my days comes from bumping into school or uni friends that you haven't seen for ages and just striking up a conversation, whether it be; what they're doing right now, to what they've been doing since you last caught up. It's nice to know people are making their way slowly up the "ladder of life" and that in 10 years time, they will have something to talk about.
(Seriously though, on a daily basis I run into so many friends ,it's insane but really cool too. you never know who going to be next too xD)

Sometimes though, it comes to a point where you kind of run out of things to say. and it's like awkward. And you don't know what to say, but at the same time, you really don't want to make it uncomfortable too. Then you kind of want the other person to say something to help break the ice but they don't say anything because they're either not paying attention or are stuck themselves. Then you're thinking "say something..D;. and it turns out you end up looking like an idiot trying to ask a stupid question like so..do you like stuff?

I actually like people who talk a lot. They break the silence for a person who's quiet most of the the time. They have heaps of interesting stories to say, and it's just nice to have someone to talk to since it's can be quite a drag doing things independently almost all the time. But then again, I can talk about things nonstop, if only people would let me xD


The blasting sound of my alarm wakes me up. It's morning and I hear the chirps of newborn birds, screeching excitedly to a new day, to a new start in life . I check the time : 7:50. 20 minutes until the bus comes. The warm shower washes away my sleepiness and the scars of a late night. 15 minute shower. S*@! I'm late. I quickly get ready and walk swiftly towards the bus stop.

As I pass homes, I notice peoples gardens; rows upon rows of colors, all different kinds, blended in a mass heap and growing in all directions. Spring I think to myself. The sun's already up high and reveals the very essence in which spring has to offer; butterflies, flowers, baby birds and beautiful warm days. I turn the corner and find the bus existing into the main road. !@%# Too late. Today's going to be a bad day.

I decide to walk to the train station instead. A 15 minute walk that requires me to make my way through a small alleyway entangled with flora. It's teeming with life, like Adelaide on the evening of a new years celebration. Ants were coming out, disappearing just as they would appear. A few more steps and I'm out of this place. To my dismay, a swarm of ants are concentrated on a patch grass. Close inspection reveals it to be the corpse of an unlucky baby bird. Poor thing, not once was it able to see the light of day.

To be continued

just another day for me, in a different text i suppose. felt like a bit of story writing, since I haven't done one in a while. still so noob. mm

It's a mixture of a world

Interesting isn't it.. with the amount of interaction between people of different cultures nowadays, couples and ultimately family upbringings end up being, well mixed. Instead of just having single race parents, like mine, we are slowly but surely getting individuals of different races ending up with each other. And fortunately, it miraculously turns out that their children end up being incredibly good looking (9/10 times anyway..) and they get to experience the joys of 2 different cultures.
I know a few people who are mixed or in the processing mixing, with some examples of different nationalities including:

Chink/Cambo - "Cambo-nese"

Even now, my friends who are couples are mixing *cough* Laos/Chinese anyone?

But it appears that I know a lot of Chinese/Viet or Chinese/Cambo hybrids then any other mix. And for the sake of it, my hairdressers Chinese/Cambo herself but has a Cambo husband :O. And they all have one thing in common - good looking children.
It's probably a genetics thing; If i can recall correctly, the more variance in the genes there is ( people from different regions ) the more better of chances for survival (increased immunity to specific disease per region or something..) okay.. umm lets just say its better for ease.

So what is exactly is the point of all this? well, I don't know about you, but I think intermixing ROCKS!
I mean it'll be one awesome experience to see the likes of living through another ones cultural ideas. Surely there would be similarities in some aspects, for example, taking off shoes before entering, eating rice everyday and having black hair but at the same time, having differences too; food, language, beliefs and wedding styles. But you know what? that just adds a new dimension of FUN to it. Working things out and learning from each other with the addition of having attractive and successful kids are also experiences that would be something we'd all be looking forward too.

I just found this from the site "vero" that sums up what I've been trying to say:

East Meets the West

Interracial dating seems to becoming very popular and I think this is a good thing! Logically, the only difference between ethnic (cultural, national, racial, tribal) minorities is background, color of skin, and perhaps some other differences, but, on the whole, if two people like each why allow these differences to get in the way? Physically, the only differences between us all are skin-color and perhaps eye and nose shape, so what! If you love somebody, these minor differences are irrelevant  and not even worth considering at all! Love is known to cross cultural and religious boundaries!

No matter if it's for friendship, dating, romance, love or marriage, it's a good thing to connect people from different cultures, races and countries because we are sure: Love speaks only one language.

That last statement makes my spine tingle. Ahem* anyway;

There are also people who just want to stay with their own culture by either their own personal choice or are forced by their parents. That's really up to them to decide and it's the probably a good case of whatever makes you happy but I know for sure that my parents don't mind; nope, not one bit. weeeee :D so long as I'm Happy too.

So in my case it'd be whoever I want, or in terms of reality; whoever wants me (LOL). Khmer culture (that is, Cambo ) is an amazing culture and I wouldn't be surprised that many people reading this now knew what it was about or what it was.. it's similar to many South Eastern cultures but unique in it's own way too.
As far as I'm concerned though, it doesn't matter what the girls race is..( with some exceptions) and if it ends up going that step further, it'll probably be how she wants to raise the kids too.. hehe.

There's sooooooo much more that could be said about this topic and I've only scratched the surface. As for now though, I'll give it a rest..

Where is the looove?

So I got back from a night out with friends, which was quite eventful and I couldn't help but notice the many couples passing me by. I mean, I've always noticed couples everywhere I go and it's always interesting to see who ends up with who.
Anyways, most of them were dressed as if they were going to hit the clubs and have a goodnight out with drinks and dancing. This eventually got me thinking... are there still people out there who'd rather go out the old fashion way? I don't know about you guys but there doesn't seem to be any people left unless I'm just not looking in the right direction.

So what is old fashioned termed as? You've seen the movies right? cough *notebook* where there's a lot of romance, passion, and all the really sweet things guys do for a girl. Hahaha, well being a hopeless romantic myself I do wonder if chivalry is still admired from the opposite sex? Most of the time, it's about being a dick (which is quite the opposite) to get her attention, and sure, in this current day and age, it's normal(?), but are there any actual people out there who are willing to.. take a relaxing stroll at the beach during a sunset, stare out at the sparkling night sky counting all the stars, going for a paddle on a boat amongst swans ;) or even kissing (for the first time) in the down pouring rain.

I suppose I've always had that attitude of saving up for the one girl so that it's all genuine and it's with the most passion too. I think i get that from my dad - he's always telling me try and not make any mistakes in picking a girl the first time; its so much more special that way.

There is also a bad side to it;
You lack experience, whether it be planning ideas, creating conversation or keeping the girl interested - "players" know what to say to keep girls on the edge but nice guys don't know what to do because they are either too shy, or don't want to take any risks of creating a bad name for himself.

I'm not sure if I'm asking for much or this is selfish but a girl who's a dreamer, doesn't mind a bit of passionate romance, doesn't mind my stupid jokes or my crazy ideas or even just wants to hold hands tightly(and never let go xD)is good enough. Add a really cool, bubbly, amazing personality with a hint of a smile and you've got me knocking at your door xD

It's funny though - even the most hottest girl whom which every guy gives a "10" too would most likely be seen through my eyes as somewhat lower - there is nothing wrong with me because an amazing personality truly does add to whats a deserving 10 should be.

Of course grooming is somewhat important - kind of a turn off to go out with a girl with hair coming out of her ears and nose (LOL) that smells and has crazy hair ( but hey we all have our bad hair days.) Someone who doesnt try TOO hard to impress but just naturally knows how to do it @_@.

Speaking of this topic, there's a movie, 500 Days of summer that I've been dying to see; it's about a guy who falls for this girl who is all independent, and has that I dont need a boyfriend kind attitude; and things just work out, looks amazingly good!

days past..

So it was one of those ordinary days where you get something to eat from the kitchen with the TV on when good ol' Opera suddenly appears on TV - and so being bored as I was, I got myself in a comfy position and slowly ate my nutri- grain flakes one ... by one.

It was an interesting show - Medical Miracles or something along those lines, and at one instance, there was this woman who could apparently remember every day of her life from the day she was born. That itself was pretty amazing - imagine being able to remember EVERYTHING you ever did - your first steps as a baby, your first period (in her case... lol), your first kiss, EVERYTHING! You'd think she'd be able to ace spelling B's and all that academic stuff but apparently she couldn't. The Doctor reasoned that she used this emotional based memory rather then forced memorization which explains her lack of academic skills.

For example, she could remember all the activities she did on her birthdays, the dates of deaths of famous people and all the weird and crazy things that touched her in an emotional sense. And yet, it all comes at a cost; to be able to remember every insult, every remark ( she was a big lady ) every negative action someone would do is comparable to say, holding a grudge against someone.. forever! not being able to let go

Then comes the heart break - not being able to forget when you are crushed in a relationship. Reliving a painful moment every single day of your life with small constant reminders like a photograph would be pretty darn hard. For you see, her husband died somehow ( cancer I think ) but imagine being able to remember as clear as if it was just yesterday that someone important to you had passed away. Pretty sad ain't it?

So would you consider being able to forget a curse or a blessing? We've all forgotten our keys somewhere before, phones, wallets but we can never forget the things that touch us most - loved ones, once in a life time opportunities, stressful times (year 12 exams anyone?), goodbyes or even crushes or heartbreaks.

But when we are able to forget these memories, even for an instant just to be happy again, is that what makes us, well, human? Is it me or the more we try to forget about something, the more it sticks to your brain? How do we forget things? how exactly do we not think about it? By doing something else? and yet, at the very end of doing it, the memories come floating back.

In some sense, memories are what makes us, us at that period of time. Something good just happened? we're all talkative and expressive and smiley, but the opposite occurs and we're all emo, quiet and ugh like unless you're plain tired. That's what I've noticed anyway..

Memories.. they are delicate little things so look after and treat them like their you're children :P

I'll finish with a quote by Freya from Final Fantasy 9 ( hey, at least it taught me this) that stuck to me like superglue because it just makes sense :

To Be Forgotten Is Worse Than Death

So remember peoples birthdays =O