Where is the looove?

So I got back from a night out with friends, which was quite eventful and I couldn't help but notice the many couples passing me by. I mean, I've always noticed couples everywhere I go and it's always interesting to see who ends up with who.
Anyways, most of them were dressed as if they were going to hit the clubs and have a goodnight out with drinks and dancing. This eventually got me thinking... are there still people out there who'd rather go out the old fashion way? I don't know about you guys but there doesn't seem to be any people left unless I'm just not looking in the right direction.

So what is old fashioned termed as? You've seen the movies right? cough *notebook* where there's a lot of romance, passion, and all the really sweet things guys do for a girl. Hahaha, well being a hopeless romantic myself I do wonder if chivalry is still admired from the opposite sex? Most of the time, it's about being a dick (which is quite the opposite) to get her attention, and sure, in this current day and age, it's normal(?), but are there any actual people out there who are willing to.. take a relaxing stroll at the beach during a sunset, stare out at the sparkling night sky counting all the stars, going for a paddle on a boat amongst swans ;) or even kissing (for the first time) in the down pouring rain.

I suppose I've always had that attitude of saving up for the one girl so that it's all genuine and it's with the most passion too. I think i get that from my dad - he's always telling me try and not make any mistakes in picking a girl the first time; its so much more special that way.

There is also a bad side to it;
You lack experience, whether it be planning ideas, creating conversation or keeping the girl interested - "players" know what to say to keep girls on the edge but nice guys don't know what to do because they are either too shy, or don't want to take any risks of creating a bad name for himself.

I'm not sure if I'm asking for much or this is selfish but a girl who's a dreamer, doesn't mind a bit of passionate romance, doesn't mind my stupid jokes or my crazy ideas or even just wants to hold hands tightly(and never let go xD)is good enough. Add a really cool, bubbly, amazing personality with a hint of a smile and you've got me knocking at your door xD

It's funny though - even the most hottest girl whom which every guy gives a "10" too would most likely be seen through my eyes as somewhat lower - there is nothing wrong with me because an amazing personality truly does add to whats a deserving 10 should be.

Of course grooming is somewhat important - kind of a turn off to go out with a girl with hair coming out of her ears and nose (LOL) that smells and has crazy hair ( but hey we all have our bad hair days.) Someone who doesnt try TOO hard to impress but just naturally knows how to do it @_@.

Speaking of this topic, there's a movie, 500 Days of summer that I've been dying to see; it's about a guy who falls for this girl who is all independent, and has that I dont need a boyfriend kind attitude; and things just work out, looks amazingly good!