the last time i blogged was like.. 4 months ago.

since then as always alot has passed.

Uni, birthdays, tournaments.

well yeah. I could spend my time talking about them but It's 5 am and I frankly can't be bothered ( More on this later)

2011 has 1 day left as of this post.

Looking back, I must say, I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hope. Perhaps it's the responsibilities of growing older? Perhaps it's because I haven't achieved what I've set out to achieve as in, 2011 resolutuions... I don't know.

But I wonder to those who read this, has anyone gone to that stage where they just can't be bothered anymore? where they lack motivation? where they aren't just in the mood?

Maybe you've seen it in movies, where the guy goes to the local bar and gets drunk off his ass and he doesn't care. That's the nfeeling right now. Like theres no will, driving power, excitement. Nothing to wake up too.

It's a dangerous position to be in because you can lose all the things you've worked towards . A phase people go through?......

Like I can't even be bothered going to the gym anymore. let alone go for a jog. Perhaps it was because at one stage when i was active etc, i wasn't really getting anywhere. so like y ou just cbb. I don't even know if what i'm typing makes any sense. I'm even losing interst in SSF4 now. My mission has been accomplished Foot print in hall of fame and that's it.

seriously what the hell. why is ut so boring nowadays wtf. sometimes you feel like the brain is about to explode of boredom!!

Life teaches you stuff

Since the last time I've posted, alot of things have happened.
I could go through each and everyone of them but .... that'd take to much effort.

Compare 1 month ago, 2 months ago , 3 months ago, 1 year ago, 2 years ago, how so much has changed. People are getting older, moving on and well, doing something.

But remember the past is the past, live for today and something something for the future (suppose to be cliche' line here)

If there's one thing I've learn from this entire episode is... live with what you have, the current time, not in the past or the future, live with what you have and make good use of it.

I remember someone saying "Life deals you a set number of cards, it's what you do with it that counts." Something like that.

Today I feel like leaving some of my favourite quotations that I recall time to time, just as a mere guide to tough times and for inspiration.

Cry in the dojo Laugh on the battlefied.
Or practise makes perfect. Can be related to schoolwork, preping for interviews and sf4 of course ;)

Beware your thoughts; they become your words.
Beware your words; they become your actions.
Beware your actions; they become your habits.
Beware your habits; they become your nature.
Beware your nature; it becomes your destiny.

Theres something about this quote that really gives chills down my spine. It almost speaks out from your soul, because it feels so surreal sometimes. I don't know but I can relate to it alot. That's why postive thoughts make for positive lives. Sometimes youo just have to smile to yourself and look retarded to keep being so damn happy lol.

There are three kind of people in this world.
Those who make things happen.
Those who watch things happen
Those who don’t know what happened.
I'm pretty sure we've all done this, but to be honest I think you need a balance of all of these to live a healthy and effective lifestyle.

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the tests first, the lesson afterward.
- Not much more to say.

Don’t regret things you did do, but things you didn’t.

You try, you fail. You try, you fail. But the only true failure is when you stop trying.

Most people fail because they give up what they want for life to get what they want at the moment

The only person you have to impress in life is YOURSELF
- Yeah impress yourself, and others will come crawling to you ;)

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life
- where enemies means something right?

Knowledge is whatever remains after you forgotten what you’ve learned
- how much does this apply to exams

Small mind talks about people;
Good mind talks about events;
Great mind talks about ideas;
Sound mind however talks, about the wisdom and deeper meaning of what people, events and/or ideas is all about.

LIVE as if your KIDS were watching…
- Practise what you preach?

Anything you ever want in life is just outside your comfort zone.
- Have to work for what you have

Excuses are the nails that build a house of a failure.
- Sometimes you just have to do it.

Don’t look down on anyone unless you are helping them up.
- We were all at a low level and one stage.

we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. (Artistotle)
- My favourite, you have to make it into a habbit man.

Remember the 3 R’s
“Respect for yourself”
“Respect for others”
“Responsibility for your own actions”

You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions

Never take time for granted….you never know when you’ll run out of it.

The sharpest sword goes through the hottest fire.
- mmhmm

The only people you need in your life are the ones who need you in theirs.

be the person who makes the right choices, even when no one is around to watch.


talk about a cliche' post...

they say you never know what you have until it's gone.

Sure that's true and all and everybody can relate to it to some degree:

But what happens when it affects you to another level?

What if something/someone that defined you was taken away because you took it for granted and you wern't paying enough attention/respect for what you had?

Sometimes you wish you could go back in time and sort of change your mindset and appreciate more, but of course you woudn't have known until you came out of the woods, right?

at the end of the day, it's just one big learning experience ey.

Fight for what you have and for who you are. don't let it escape you. Give it everything you have.

At least you know you'll be going down with a fight

Rushing foreward

Ever get that rush?

Of course there are different types.

When you see your favourite hero smashing bad guys nonstop (Optimus prime taking on all the bad guys)

Maybe when you see a pretty girl give you a smile

When you open up your exam booklet

When you finally figure something out after 10 hours of studying it like crazy

When you're completely in the zone of something you love doing "be it pawning noobs in dota" or on a 30 win killing spree in SF4 listening to this song:

When you finally reach the 20 pull ups you onced aimed for when you could hardly do 3 ( I can only do 6 atm )

When your about to receive your grade

After you finish a 10 km run

That rush....

Life's little knacks

Ever felt like you were dreaming?

Dreaming of a reality that you wish would exist with all the effort of making it a reality?
When really, you were just living a lie?

Why were you dreaming in the first place? to escape a life that you couldn't deal with?

Kinda feels like I've woken up. from a deep trance, a deep .... slumber
A slumber that's been going on for too long...

The alarm bells ring and you slowly open your eyes.

So whats there to do from here? now that you're wide awake.

You get up, brush your teeth, get ready for the day and take it slowly, one step at a time.

Dealing with what you have in front of you , and not worrying about the past or the future..

Life's little knacks. Think there's something to be learnt here.

The lone backpacker

Not having made the top 16 in a tournament that most people would have least expected you to place really does bombs you out. When you know you could have easily done so much better. Day 2 of Sydney and the first main tournament took place to see who would place top 16. I missed out by just 1 position. I could go into details about the fight, but to cut things short, my preparation was terrible. No sleep, nothing to eat and just stress. Circumstances that do not favour the competitor. That was just one of the things I learnt....

It was about 9 pm at night and people were out having dinner. I didn’t eat anything all day, was stressed out the night before and so preparation for the tournament didn’t go at all according to plan. My eyes were red and I looked dead. Mainly because I didn’t do well in the tourney, nor did I have much sleep... I was feeling pretty bad for myself.

Everyone told to me just to get some sleep, so I crashed into our dormitory. It was a backpacker’s hotel. Really cheap accommodation. Standards not high though. It had room for 6 people, in which 3 of my other friends were in, leaving room for another 2 guests. The past 2 nights sleeping there was interesting. We had a random lady; a random Queensland guy looking to get his visa done in Sydney and a random German foreigner guy sleep in. That germane guy was funny as... He didn’t like Asians and had a crazy accent. These peoples would only sleep for one night and leave the next. They probably had connecting flights to other locations I figure. They were a crazy bunch no doubt.

I guess as if crashed I noticed someone else belongings. Couldn’t tell if it was a girl or not. Whatever, I went to bed and lied there... pondering about what to do now... I didn’t have much money on me either. I was waiting for my next payment from Centrelink in 2 more days so I was really tight on money and couldn’t do anything. I think I dazed for about half an hour till the door opened. A girl walked in, and noticed me there and said hi in which I replied hi back.

Awkward silence for about 2 minutes as she unpacked her stuff.
She was a pretty girl, about 20-25ish, with blonde hair tied up high behind the back. She was fair with nice slightly wide facial frame and looked of European descent. A slight hint of mascara, and nice facial features, she had this really nice smile with dimples that only highlighted her smile.

I noticed the room was cluttered with my friend’s belongings.
“Sorry if the room’s too messy”.
“Oh no I’ve been through a lot worse. This to me is like a 5 star hotel.”
“ so?”
So we talked. We talked about what was worse than this (apparently sleeping in a hallway of 25 beds is worse in hot weather conditions. It was just too much for her)
then we talked about who she was and what she did.
Turns out she’s from Switzerland and she was in Sydney just for the last 2 days of her 3 month voyage around Australia. I must say I was impressed. She was only 21 and doing all this travelling, alone by herself... she was also quite the intellectual, studying medicine back at home as well.

I asked don’t you ever get lonely during your journey? She says
“nope not really, being alone lets you meet so many people”
She told me of stories on the people she met. One guy would work as a painter and a DJ (weird combination if you ask me) in India and for 4 months and would fly to Thailand to live for another 8 months as a god, just because of the difference in currency.
She thought it was a bit sad because, he didn’t truly have a “home” to come to. Like a family. He said everywhere was his home. She thought it was an interesting proposition however.

We talked about how life was back in Switzerland compared to here, the difference. Winter had snow, and I remember asking
“does getting hit by a snowball really hurt?”
She said “ Only if it hits the face, you go all red from the pain and your all wet and because snow had the tendency to hit like a rock, it’s actually quite painful”
“thanks, I’ll keep that in my mind .. for my friends ;D laughs*
Talked about what family was like back there, how the environment was just so different, the people as well...
how it snowed in winter and summer days only ever got up to 30 degrees. This also explained why she was so white.
Talked about her epic journey around Australia and some other countries (that I cannot remember) and how one time she almost lost her camera and she was in tears even. But she found it. It was the only thing keeping her memories intact, and her experiences a reality.

She’d met an Italian girl and was told how the perfect pasta would take hours to cook, whereas she just opened a jar and poured it in some pasta just like most of us here. She got to taste her pasta and she said Italians really do take pride in their pasta taking absolutely ages to cook.
I commented:
“was it Bollisimo? In my best personation of an Italian person”
“of course” *laughs*
How she once forgot to put sunscreen on her legs and got blisters from sunburn, it was the first time in her life as she’d never been in such a hot environment.

It was nice. I felt like crap and didn’t have anyone to talk to but here we were, two strangers from the other side of the world, talking about... “Life”

This was until of course my friends walked in and well that was it for the night. After a brief introduction with friends, She stepped out for a bit and all my friends commenting on how hot she looked and dubbed her “Swiss miss”
At least I knew her name at the time and a bit more. She was to stay for one more night before leaving, the same time we were too.

That night, I lay in bed sort of thinking about this girls experiences and what would it be like, to be a backpacker. Travelling from city to city not knowing anything but learning as you go. The people you’d meet and the different stages of life people were at. The lone wonder, kind of like in games not knowing what came next.

Couldn’t really get this girl out of my head. She was actually quite pretty as well, there were a lot of things I wanted to talk to her about as well. So after the tournament and me having a few games, everyone was celebrating that awesome night out with karaoke with all the interstate players but this girl, She intrigued me.

So I returned back to my room... and she wasn’t there. She was out of course. So I waited on the bed almost dozing off when she came back again. She unpacked her things again and went to clean her clothes. She came back and got ready to go to sleep... but she started talking to me again...
“So you said you lived in Adelaide? What’s it like?”
We kept talking. Talking about anything, how to pronounce something in France, movies she watched, it was quite the nice change... I felt at ease with this girl, even for the short space of time we’d met. When 2 strangers meet and knowing the fact you’ll never see them again, you can talk about life’s anything and not worry about being judged at all... and I felt even that little bit closer to her

Being the only child of the family I remember her saying she wanted a sister one time and was even readying for her parents for an adoption until a last minute cancellation. She was sad. I’d explain my experiences of having siblings, fighting for toilets, the last bit of food and we both laughed. She’d defenietly have more than one child if she ever gets children.

She was so easy and carefree to talk to. I could talk to her about anything.
I think we talked for about 3 hours until it was time for sleep. This girl was pretty awesome... I realised. Then it hit me. I’ll never see this girl again after tomorrow morning after we check out. It was a sobering thought.

I remember joking how... the last night in Sydney she spent, the irony of it raining and asif Sydney was crying because she left. she commented how back in home, it would be raining when she returned despite it being summer back that.
That second night, my friends came back half drunk from karaoke and they were abit loud but I think she slept through it well.

Then morning came, and I was actually quite disheartened (I didn’t talk to her in front of the guys because it would have been a bit awkward, me and her just pretended we knew each other as merely backpackers.) We glanced at each other for a bit but that was it.

It was time and we all checked out together (including her) and she went back up stairs to grab something. I swear this it is going to sound stupid, but as we were checking out, the radio played this song, as if as if it was the perfect timing - “dice – Finley Quay” and just for a moment, it felt like the scene of a movie. In captured my mood perfectly.

She paid, and with the last words said “see you guys” and went upstairs,disapeareed and that was it. My friends weren’t aware of anything but I felt like I lost a friend right there. We went to grab some breakfast but I wasn’t feeling up for it. That day we walked out of the hotel, there was a light drizzle...

the group split for up for a bit and so it was just me and a friend who went to eat at the local viet restaraunt. We talked about the girl. It’s funny, we decided because she was pretty we wanted to take a photo with her, so we decided why not and go back and pretend we forgot something just see if she was still at the hotel. She wasn’t. But to my delight, her backpack was. We waited patiently outside for her to comeback.
10 minutes later she walks in and with a small but delightful shock asks:
hey What are you guys doing here? are you waiting for something?
We were wondering if we could take a photo
( My friend thought she was pretty hot too)
So I took a photo with her and since my friend was now on the phone, I finally got to say that proper goodbye, good luck and all the best for the future. It kind of felt complete, like closing the chapter of a book. Her flight was in an hour’s time whilst mine was in 6 hours so she had to go soon. But I was glad I got to take at least a photo with this stranger who became something more.

I know... I’ll never meet her again, hear her speak again, see her again, but for those 2 nights that we talked, it felt.......... refreshing and opened my mind. I remember my final words went something like “perhaps we will meet some time again in the future... 10 years. Let’s discuss what happens then”
“Sure why not” as she gave a friendly smile back.

But deep down both of us knew that this was never going to happen. Switzerland? Sydney? The chances are next to nothing. I’m never in Sydney and she’s was just the backpacker from a far distant place.

2 random people who god knows would have never met ever on the face of earth where at one point meeting and became awesome friends. Just sheer luck and conincidence.

Sure I could have asked for her email or her number but why? (and no she doesn't have a fb) We both lead different lives around the world and communication would only just die off eventually as we get busier in life.

Until now, It still feels like a dream meeting this person and talking about anything.
My only proof that this wasn’t just a figure of my imagination is a photo, a constant reminder that we’d had meet and talked about our differences in life

If it wren’t for that photo, I’d probably had no proof this girl existed and it could have all very well become a long lost distant memory.

I know... in due time, I’ll probably forget about her, about what we talked about, who she was but for now I'll savour the moment that these people who through the most randomness of coincedences met, talked and shared a mutual respective moment.

That song – dice, will always be that song to go back to that memory

dubbed as Swiss miss and that pretty switzerland girl who slept in the same dorm as us by my 3 other companions, at least I knew her name. It was a really nice name as well. Def a new favourite now.

As for the photo, I’ll keep it around, just to remind myself life out there is way more than small Adelaide. Will I still remember her name? Ask me again in 20 years time and I’ll tell you.

One without the other

Recently finished reading the Lost symbol by Dan brown and it's a serious page turner that leaves you ALWAYS wanting to read more at the end of every chapter.
Don't you just hate when the author can capture you like that so well?

Anyways one of the aspects I noticed and I could relate to was to do with how they discussed about the MASON religion and how all of it's ritual are related to death.
-part of becoming a member of the higher ranking requires you to pass several I suppose... tests that aids in understanding and enlightens you

(Think The Simpsons episode where he wants to join that religious club that only Lenny and Carl where members)
- Anyway it involves drinking from a real skull, pretending to be bashed to death and praying in front of a reaper.

Sure it's all scary but the reason it exists is so that the closer you are to experiencing death, the more you will be enlightened about "life"
In other words. you can't appreciate life and what it holds unless you first experience what death is about...

So what I'm getting from is that the greater you experience one thing, the higher the intensity you will experience of the opposite half should you come experience it.

Do I make sense?

If not. lets rephrase that somewhat.
The more you gain, the more you have to lose.
The "deeper" your love for a person, the "deeper" the pain you feel when you have lost
The greater respect you have, the more you have to lose (WHEN you lose)
Increase the money you bet, the greater the chance of returns, but the ore you lose when you lose

Anyways, the point is. you go deeper to one spectrum, the more deeper you go into the other. Kind of like Yin and Yang. Light and darkness.

Yeah I'm sure most people have been through the HIGHS and LOWS of life.
I know I have. Lots of Lows, Lots of Highs. and well the cycle repeats and you learn each time - that is LIFE for you.

It from here I think is when people do amazing feats. When they are pushed to deepest sides of hell, something just snaps and you go to the other direction with an amazing caliber.

Though there is one thing I've always wanted to know about and harness.

The driving force to do something. That very existence of "willpower". The intent that pushes you to take action.

Met a guy at the gym (who helps me now and is a pretty good friend). HE told me his story how when he was a kid, he was an absolute dick. to the teachers. ALWAYS playing pranks on teachers, talking back, even requiring one to go a mental institute at one time. Also picked on fat kids. Very close to getting expelled. This was during his year 8-10

it was until one of the massive tank teachers sat down with him and absolutely told him off like crazy. and it was then that he stopped all of a sudden and just changed overnight. He became quiet, started studying hard (he was getting E's before) and pretty much showed all the teachers the potential he could be (He now goes to uni)

Anyways he pretty much showed everyone he put his mind to something and focused like no tomorrow he could PASS year 12 and go to uni (he was getting e's in year 8-10 )

And now he is an absolute TANK. The biggest guy I've seen. Muscle wise.
Quite the determination eh?
He sank to an all time low ( Getting E's and failing and being an absolute dick) now his in uni and is absolutely ripped, and is also one of the nicest guys I know.

Again, that spectrum thing applies here...

It's funny. I know and seen many people as a kid, who were bullied , picked on, and were loners and not very popular. This "pain" has driven them to not only to become MUCH MORE successful than their bully counter parts, but they're physique outclasses the bully like no tomorrow. Hell if the bully, now, started on the him now, he'd get owned inside and out. The bully now had a hard labor job and well, isn't as muscly as the victim.
A good slap to the bully's face isn't it?
Again that spectrum thing applies.

Life experiences... the driving force

I think too much.... bah I'll finish this another time.
And excuse my dodgy grammar. i'd edit it but it's 12 and I'm sleepy.
Guess things are starting to gain momentum again... at last.

Kinda feels like for the past 2 years, you've been stuck in time, trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. until when you do, and well... the results speak for themselves.

Time to pick up where I left off.

In that order...

Life for the next 6 months.

Please be good to me.

now for something competely random. One of my favourite scenesssss ever


....... long time no update.

When you've been pushed to the edges of a cliff. and suddenly you trip over.
for a few seconds your airbone and you see everything you've worked up for comes rushing out the door.
You see yourself come crashing down, and you hit yourself pretty damn hard.
You lay there, stunned, hurt and in shock.
Time sits still for what seemed like days.
You sit up and look at the height in which you fell off.
you're in a ditch and there's no escape and you're damn hungry.

you're bloody, your body aches, you bones are broken. but you need to survive and move on.

There's only one way to go.


So you take the long journey and begin to start again. taking baby steps and getting back to the top of the cliff.



I've seen better days...

Nice guys will always finish last...

A statement until now , I'd have thought wasn't true. That you'd be able to at least go somewhere. If you were nice.

Guess that isn't the case.

Sometmes you just have to be the bad guy..

Right now though I just want time to pass by.

@!#!@ !!


So here's an idea.

Whilst your a teenager... you tend to say things that might be dismissed as you just being ignorant.
"His still young, he doesn't know yet"

I've had my fair share of being told off for saying random stuff that isn't .. appropriate? Being to cocky, saying things that isn't right? ( But that's just because ... well who's suppose to teach me? parents? spending lots of time alone doesn't help but then again... I should be picking up on stuff like this.. meh no excuses)

and yet being 20, which is considered to be quite a yucky number, because of your transition from a teen and an adult ( Not quite a teen, Not yet an adult till your 21 right?) it still feels as if I'm 18.

Talk about maturity... but they say girls mature faster guys, physically and probably mentally as well. I'll get back to that. In another post

So what do I mean by maturity? - holding responsibilities, being part of society and the social norms. There is etiquette to everything nowadays -Work, shopping, dinner with friends, being around others, toilet, uni and all of that. Even social gatherings have etiquette ( Dress formally, small talk, casual, don't be that wierd guy )

The only time when this doesn't apply is either when your with
a) You're best and closest buddies where anything can happen
b) you're other half all alone? ( I assume)

Being the odd one guy, it's OK I guess to start accepting that being normal is ... the way it's suppose to go. right?

Sometimes I'd say that isn't normal. or inappropriate. or too random. That's okay back then but being an adult... doesn't give you the best image right? Especially at a work environment, when you want to be trusted and be .. professional.

"Everything you say may and will be held against you"
- Boobs

Joke aside, As you grow up, things you say, do , act upon ... everyone's watching and judging your actions. What you say. Your responsibilities. It really is a massive world out there and it's a bit wierd.
Being 21... your an adult, and I your to act as one. perhaps Girls would find that impressive as well.

Today a friend I was talking to thought I'd have at least a few long relationships by now , just by the person I was, personality wise and she was surprise when I told her none.
She replied that it was a cute thing.

But is that really true? Ignorance doesn't get you far. not this late in life.

We are all still very much learning. All the way till we die. Some... just not as fast as others.

I still have so much to learn.

Take it one day at a time

Time flows

Started listening to some old game soundtracks....

Kind of started reminiscing about the good old days. Like 10-15 age.
How they were so carefree and easy going.
How you would play the hero, get told the story and wonder and marvel at the lands , Townes and creatures you came across and the brilliant storytelling that comes with it.

At the same time trying to reach level 100 and perfect your main characters

For you see... games back then, was our very own way of story telling. Parents didn't really read us books. I learnt how to respond to people from the dialogue o fgames.The romance side also leaves something to the imagination.

At the end of the day, it's all a fantasy and the same shit doesn't happen in real life. Games kind of twist a persons reality, and you can really only survive by knowing that a game is just a game, and something to be enjoyed - not real life.

The gaming nature has put me through into playing sf4..

Kinda of sad... but you can't escape a childhood of it.

Though as they say, as you get older, life really does get more complicated. Sometimes yu wish yu could just dive back into the past and relive the moment, forgetting everything you know and just ... just enjoying the peaceful life.

But if you dare to stop and think now, like a river that flows endlessly, time will continue to ebb away at you and you'll be left behind, with a lot to catch up toi if you ever do decide to try to live back to the present.

I probably don't make any sense

Just do it.

Life... is all about learning and experiences. Right from the time you were born till now, everything you've lived through makes you, who you are now.

Sometimes you've just got to learn to not make any excuses to justify yourself and just do it.

Don't complain. Don't bitch. Don't find reasons to justify not doing something. JUST DO IT. Shut up and do it. Don't second guess yourself. Don't question. Learn after.

Sounds like a Nike add huh?

How many times have you not done something, regretted it and bash yourself up for not doing it?

We have to look at it in the right context though. Don't do something stupid. Just do what makes common sense and is logical.

Can be appied to anything.

If it's something I've had to learn is to just do it. For the sake of yourself, and everyone else.

Words can be said easy. Actions are hard.

Actions speak louder than words.

My days of ssf4 is limited. It's exciting how I don't have to think about a game anymore but sad that I've had lots of fun experiences and it's gotten to me places like Sydney and Melbourne, but for the sake of growing older and wiser I just have to do it and let it be.

The end of a legacy

Ever get that sudden "realization" thing going on?

It's when something "clicks", and you just know how it works. The best example I can think of is when you look at those pitures that require you to stare really close and you eventually move it away until you see some sort of picture. Something about brain activity increasing and yada yada

well....I guess it's time something changed.

Street Fighter 4. It started back early in 2009 when uni just started and I played at JB. from there it become a hobby until some guy beat me hard at Avcon - when it became a passion.
Passion to be the top player... in Adelaide anyway...

Ever since then I've just played.. and played and played.
2 years later I'm still playing .. but I ask myself what happens now?
It's funny. SF4 has become part of my identity. It was good for a while but as time goes by, you grow older and mature and you realise It's just a game and ... there's so much more to life.

What am I trying to say?

I'm going to stop playing street fighter 4 competitively and altogether. There's too much to think about always staying on top and although it sounds stupid and everything hear me out.

Stopping it - it's sort of like losing a part of your identity, a part of you.
Everyone knows me for sf4 and well.. sure that's randy dandy but .... then what.

Stop and assess the more important aspects in life perhaps...

So what that means is I also need to find a new hobby/thing to keep me busy. That could be anything you want it to be. ;)

Also I need to really work on uni. It's no where near the potential I could be. If I put as much effort as I did in sf4 for uni, I'm pretty sure I'd get another form of respect.

SF4 isn't exactly the best thing to use to impress any err girls. Thanks for the tip older vanta.

"In order to expand your horizons, you first need to lose sight of the shore"

Something like that. Letting go of ssf4 and taking on something different.

It's going to be hard at first, the urges to get back into something your good at... but It's the only way to grow up.

Training for this weeks SF4 tournament online, I've never felt so on top of my game. It's asif everything I've learnt has come together and just paved a way to.. victory? hahah.

It will be my last fight for a very very long time. Quit while you're on top, so you can leave the legacy behind for everyone to talk about ..


8 month rewind

Oh wow. It's been almost 8 months since my Last post. Time just flies doesn't it...?

Soo many things have happened... just an incredibly quick recount

Friends coming and going
Breakups and not so many make ups
Not doing anything for valentines :P
Bit of work
And just life in general can be a bit frustrating at times.

As of now I'm my 3rd week of my 1st placement. And to be absolutely honest: it's alright... I mean, because I'm still nooby at what I do, so I don't feel as comfortable and theres some degree of pressure to look good. Like I'd always hear about "the student at modbury is so good, learns so fast" and about other students doing pretty well whilst I'm only doing average if not, a bit slow. I guess If I really focused 120% I could learn faster , but with life, there are just so many more distractions you need to clear first...

Anyways Life, for me, in general really doesn't revolve much..

Uni : Exams, placement, study, ugh
Bit of gaming : Tournament practice, SF , bit of dota everynow and then
Social Life : different groups of people... Med rads, unisa, dota, Norwood crew, street fighter ..
It's a bit hard to balance at times, I mean Most people have work commitments on top of that but at least your kept busy and getting monies too!

Random topic of the day:

Having Long curly hair...can be hit or miss with some people. I mean for me, It just adds another layer of individuality, and if I'm not different enough ( I play GUY from sff4 for crying out loud, who does that let alone play sf at a competative level ) . My hair dressor loves my curly hair and thinks it makes me look good in a different way. So I ask a girl and she's like, vanta, get a frikking haircut. So I did. It's pretty short and you can see semi curls but it's not enough to be curly just yet :P.

This Friday there's going to be dinner with the medrads, which will be interesting as it isn't really much of the Asian crew, rather the non-Asians. It'd would be nice to get connected with them for networking and just to see what its like to hang around them, though theres always that cute girlthat you'd want to get closer too. Kinda hope that hair cut might get a few looks? bahha but who am I kidding..?

Then we have Paintballing the day after, which should be fun. Haven't been in a while and seeing people in pain can never not be funny. Isn't that right Le? Just hope the weather holds out, but then again, paint-balling in rain... oh snap

On top of that, There is an exam this Tuesday that I haven't even started studying for. Oh dear...

And then the following a Saturday, a street fighter tournament. I'm really considering retiring ssf4 after this , just to concentrate on other life aspects... and yet interstate friends are wanting me to attend some major ssf4 event in Melbourne during june! D:

And we have a billion birthdays alligned up this march. Povo much?

This random outburst of events that all happen in march =/