where did the fire go?

It's been a while since i had that feeling. you know, that fire? that power?

that passion...

it could be on anything.

for me, it went along the lines of..

street fighter
studying ( at one stage)
and of course that girl
even toy collecting

but for all of these I have to admit. the fire has run dry. right now theres a state of plainess. no real direction to go anywhere.

it's kind of boring.

like even the whole idea of working and getting money is... meh. feels like it's not really that insirational in any sense.

I want to feel that passion again. my best example would be something like this

feb 15th

Feburary 15th. 2012. 1 day after that valentines day OR just another Tuesday according to me. As cliche as it sounds, I can honestly say that V-day isoverrated. No, seriously.
I have another name for Vday h; gosupersaiyan@thegym day. lol. Can you see the irony in that? neither can I -.-.

I didn't do much on the day partly because I was on placement and the other part ; well no one really to step foreward to.

well reading articles, upon articles of random things, I came across

lately these days, something feels... different. the mind feels rather free and focused. Could it be not having played ssf4 for 3 weeks now and knowing that I'm in that process of dropping the competative side of it - thus reducing any related stress be part of it? maybe getting over girls has finally begun taking it's toll. Or could it be waking up everyday knowing that theres work to do - hitting the gym after a day of placement- be related. Yes placement this time is relatively slow but it's very chilled - one radiographer, one patient at a time. I'm actually rather enjoying it - it feels like everything has finally begun to ... 'click'

Or it could be the fact I finally found some songs i can relate too.lol. I know I almost always say this but songs - have that ability to capture memories of certain times or events. and lately I've been listning to alout of acoustic

feels like theres a sense of hope now, and that it's not all that bad. One day though I'd just wish it would play out...