You have a joystick in your car?

Picture a party like atmosphere, with the Playstation 3 up and ready.

Vanta: So.. do you play street fighter?

Some Guy: Yeah I do man

Vanta: You good?

Some Guy: I bet I can own you but I can only play with the joystick, not the controller...

Vanta: I brought a joystick.

Some guy: What the hell you serious? ahaha who brings a joystick around?

Vanta: yeah.. was playing at a friends place before, just happens to be in the car

Some Guy: I bet you knew there was going to be Street fighter 4 at this party

Vanta : I had some idea. But I'm better with the joystick then I am with the controller.

Some guy: I don't care I'm still going to use the joystick anyway and beat your ass.

Vanta goes and gets the joystick

Vanta : lets do this..

Vanta chooses guile. Guy chooses Vega . Vanta thinks " if he can use Vega he must know how to get around. hardly anyone I know uses Vega..."

Match starts off. sonic boom! sonic boom!

Some guy... as shown

3 minutes later. Vega: AGGHHHHH - Guile WINS.

Some guy : Woah man you're good.

Vanta : go rematch.

3 minutes later again : Guile wins.

Some guy : Okay you beat me. You're heaps good man.

Vanta : I'm sorry.. what did you say before?

some guy : didn't know you'd be that good.

- during the match I noticed he was above the average street fighter 4 player. I mean no wonder he felt confident he could beat me.

Vanta : good but not great, there's still so much things that need to be mastered in this game. Compared to tournament players. I get smashed by them.

Some guy : Don't know what your on about but your still damn good. David by the way.

Vanta : Vanta ..

the next hour consists of me ripping apart 12 other players wit my guile and joystick while a small crowd ttries to cheer on someone who can beat me. no one does. Everyone's just like ... what the.

The infamous joystick. Noticed how I keep a smile when i play my opponents. In the mean time they look to be concentrating to the max.

Yeah... just another street fighting day for me. Sorry for the boring post.

The end is coming

Holidays are closing in fast... and there’s not much time left. Noooooo more sleeping in!
So last night I agreed to do some catering for a wedding and you know, it was a pretty good experience overall.
I guess it depends on how you see it:
- A small wedding with only 20 tables total (40’s average), good for a newbie to start off with (only assigned two tables).
- Worked with some friends to take the pressure off being judged? xD
- Met some new people too
- Owners of the cater company were awesomely friendly
- Moving around carrying heavy food means you’re getting a free workout.
- Wedding atmosphere with all its gimmicks included; dancing, socialising and eye candy? :D
- Free wedding food was such a bonus

However; another wedding was going on at the same time at another place. Told it had about 60ish tables there? (Huge) And with so many people, there’s no wonder that friend of mine working there was going off about seeing a once in a life time “10”. The first 10 he had given ever! She must of been something then hey. Told she was a half cast too. I didn’t see any 10’s where I was working though D:

I guess when it comes to 10’s, you think to yourself there’s absolutely no way whatsoever I’d get with her and you pretty much sealed all opportunities before you even get started. I know heaps of friends (guys) like that, and it’s no wonder they’ve always been single and still are. It’s probably an Asian thing to be shy and how you were brought up being told to not take risks or something. That's why I’m in the same boat. Guess times are changing, and when you sense that the timings right, you become non-Asian just for the moment ._.

Kind of reminds me of that video clip Just a Nice Guy. So.. if you really have nothing else better to do (hence why your reading this in the first place) then give it a watch. It’s not that long and it’s pretty sweet, albeit cliché. Oh yeah the girl starring in the clip would definitely be a 10 in my books!

Why so hot?

Far out it's so hot. go outside for 2 mins and come back in, instant free tan. Simply walking to
the fridge to get a drink is a workout . what is this world coming too.
Its still pretty cool to walk half naked around the house and not get told off though. haha

But luckily there's a cool change tomorrow, 26 degrees for once!!!!!!

Now onto today's random topic:

Do you sleep in PJ's?

I've don't actually. It's usually shorts, a t or a singlet or even just boxers. I've never grown accustom to PJ's. Weird isn't it?

Short post because it's so friggen hot.

By the way, to all those reading this; it's probably been ages since I caught up with you at least 1 on 1 since the holidays. So...Vanta says Hi! :D

Musical Memories

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with this concept in mind:

Music has that ability to capture all the memories associated to the events within the time of playing

That probably didn't make sense at all did it? What I mean is..

Every time you listen to a song you like, a new song especially, whatever the events going around you ( be it formal, party, get togethers) you attach memories to the song. As a result, every time you play that song, in a week or a month away, memories come flooding back from the event and you reminisce . Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks so?

Here's an example, the overplayed Chris browns - Forever. Every time I Hear that song play, I think formal.. because that was the first time I heard the song. It was played so much it was bashed into my brain and I knew the lyrics off by heart. :O

Another would be my 17th. Only have feelings for you - Fahrenheit was played during karaoke-ing and was a hit for me. woo! you should check out the clip if you haven't already : it's cute !

Right now I've just exited the Black eye peas - I gotta feeling phase which has all the memories associated with the days leading to New Years Eve.

I also have another concept I'd think would be agreeable to most:

When someone gives you a song, anytime you listen to that song, you remember that person

Kinda reminds me of the Newtons laws of physics, but now with the law of memories/music? lol.

That's what I think anyway. Don't you think it's true though? I"m sure all of you reading this has a song that when you play, they pop into your mind. yep.

So what song are you into right now?

Currently I'm into Domino - David Archuleta : It's a nice song, not so catchy though. Been listening to this a while now prob move onto something new soon.

Guess that's it for today, might expand on another time.

and Happy Birthday Kevin!!

Oh, passed the VORT test! about time too -_- . Thus, should be getting the P's real soon! now all I need is a sweet car, some money and well, you know. D: