You have a joystick in your car?

Picture a party like atmosphere, with the Playstation 3 up and ready.

Vanta: So.. do you play street fighter?

Some Guy: Yeah I do man

Vanta: You good?

Some Guy: I bet I can own you but I can only play with the joystick, not the controller...

Vanta: I brought a joystick.

Some guy: What the hell you serious? ahaha who brings a joystick around?

Vanta: yeah.. was playing at a friends place before, just happens to be in the car

Some Guy: I bet you knew there was going to be Street fighter 4 at this party

Vanta : I had some idea. But I'm better with the joystick then I am with the controller.

Some guy: I don't care I'm still going to use the joystick anyway and beat your ass.

Vanta goes and gets the joystick

Vanta : lets do this..

Vanta chooses guile. Guy chooses Vega . Vanta thinks " if he can use Vega he must know how to get around. hardly anyone I know uses Vega..."

Match starts off. sonic boom! sonic boom!

Some guy... as shown

3 minutes later. Vega: AGGHHHHH - Guile WINS.

Some guy : Woah man you're good.

Vanta : go rematch.

3 minutes later again : Guile wins.

Some guy : Okay you beat me. You're heaps good man.

Vanta : I'm sorry.. what did you say before?

some guy : didn't know you'd be that good.

- during the match I noticed he was above the average street fighter 4 player. I mean no wonder he felt confident he could beat me.

Vanta : good but not great, there's still so much things that need to be mastered in this game. Compared to tournament players. I get smashed by them.

Some guy : Don't know what your on about but your still damn good. David by the way.

Vanta : Vanta ..

the next hour consists of me ripping apart 12 other players wit my guile and joystick while a small crowd ttries to cheer on someone who can beat me. no one does. Everyone's just like ... what the.

The infamous joystick. Noticed how I keep a smile when i play my opponents. In the mean time they look to be concentrating to the max.

Yeah... just another street fighting day for me. Sorry for the boring post.