Rage Quit

I wonder if anyone here has seen me really really pissed off? Not many people right? Actually, I don't think anyone's seen me angry before because I am not an angry guy. But every now and then there are just SOME things that tip you ever the edge, you know? To the point where you just want to unleash your frustration SO badly. Whether it be throwing a tantrum, closing the door loudly, punching the wall or screaming like a Super Saiyan, there comes a time where you just want to Go NUTS and all out

Not wanting to dummy spit or any sense, but isn't it a healthy thing to get angry every now and then. It's human. But I ask what makes you angry?

When things don't get as planned? most likely my main one (getting owned in street fighter? heh). Is it because you lack the flexibility to compromise when things don't go to hand? When people don't do things they say they would is probably what cuts me the most. It's a Trust thing - Trust is probably the most precious thing you can give to someone else and it's something that has to be earned.

some people really need to stop lying to themselves and to others so the don't get fooled too. How cliche' does that sound seriously.

I'd probably be looking back and asking myself - why the hell did I write this? but right now it was in the heat of the moment.

A splitting headache..

Just had to blog this;

Was recently browsing around Facebook and a friend posted a video of something that I would later regret watching. It was one of the most Gruesome horrific scenes I have ever seen in my 19 years of living. I've seen some pretty disgusting things so far but this was particularly disturbing.

This is not set in Australia but some place ( I don't want to watch that video again to check T_T) but it evolves a bunch of guys, with girls filming who are attempting to dive off some sort of jetty like structure. The first instance you see a guy dive pretty casually into the water, everyone claps and cheers. The guy kind of looks like your typical beach surfer as well. Anyways, the next guy gets ready to dive in but slips on his descent. Sure, it would have been fine if it was just water underneath him I suppose, but there is gap of raw concrete between the jetty and the water ( about a meter length ) that they must cover. As a result, he smashed landed, full force and face first on the rock-solid concrete, doing a flip in the process, and with what descending momentum he had left, plunging into the sea. The concrete was about 4-5 meters below the jetty just as a rough idea.

You could hear the absolute breaking of his face as he crashed into the concrete. Simply put, it was that noise of his face being crushed that disturbed me the most. Everyone was screaming as he landed into the water and all you see next is his lifeless body floating. The next scene shows people moving this boy out of the water, with the sea nothing more but that of a sickening crimson red.

Another scene skips and he lay on the hospital bed, surgeons holding his mangled face, which appears to be... split, not in half but in 4 even quarters FROM THE MIDDLE. His face was literally moving apart and you could see his tongue thrashing about, his teeth, his eye balls loose, blood everywhere just gaping from every aspect of his head. The most astonishing part was that he was still breathing, still alive, but his FACE WAS IN QUARTERS. Just horrific.Words alone cannot describe that image. And it was because they were diving off some stupid jetty.

But in the end it's a lesson to be learnt from and one that shouldn't be taken for granted. Doing stupid dangerous stunts like those can really cost you. Not wanting to be some random guy who just says it because it's not right, I mean, everyone knows it's stupid, shouldn't be done etc, etc, but this imagery really makes you think thrice about the possibilities that can occur.

And this includes driving at high speeds. So don't. To anyone else who's reading this, if I were to see this happen to you, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. Just don't T.T

5 Centimeters Per Second

Today, I shall blog about a film I've just recently watched; that was pretty awesome too. It's called 5 Centimeters per second; and no, it's not anything Physics related. Rather, it refers the rate at which cherry blossoms descend from the trees. The title itself is actually a metaphor used to describe one of the many emotions the main character goes through.
But why exactly am I blogging about this movie in particular?
Because it sends a pretty darn powerful message to things most of us can relate to.

The film is broken into 3 chapters, in which the characters live out their childhood, teenage and adult lives. The main character, Takaki has to moves schools frequently due to family reasons. Being the kind of loner he is because of this, he is able to befriends this girl, Akari whom which they get quite close. But then he realizes the he and she have to move to different (primary) schools, but keep in touch through sending letters (kind of like a long distance relationship penpal thing, as since phones weren't used back then, letters was the way to go ). Anyway things happen and he has to move again, but this time so far that they wouldn't be able to visit each other anymore, even if they wanted to (they didn't really before because they were so busy).

To keep things short, he decides to meet her at 7'oclock, by catching like 5 trains. He also writes a letter telling her all his feelings as a way of saying goodbye but also as a means of wanting to stay connected. However, on the train, it starts to snow and the train gets delayed 5 minutes, 10 and it just builds up.

Whilst waiting for another train at an exchange location, he decides to buy a drink but upon taking out his money, he takes out the letter which gets caught by the wind and blows off in the distance. His pretty upset by then, being late and losing his letter but still continues to see Akari. It's 8 o'clock, his late and the train gets stuck in a snow storm. He describes how every second seemed like an eternity because he wants to see her again for one last time. ( he only has a day till he moves ). He had to wait 2 hours (by himself on the train ) for it to start moving again. It is now 11 o'clock and by now Akari has surly gone home, but upon arriving there....

You really have got to watch it, seriously. The way i described it here sounds kind of lame/noobish, but the stunning visuals, word usage and atmosphere really sets up for a beautifully executed film. That was only the first chapter, the second talks about how relationships don't always work ( another girl liking him but no feelings are returned ) and the third is about learning to let go. Marvelous really, just watch, no regrets!

Hey for the sake of it, here is a preview Of the scene I was describing, seriously it's awesome!

The first post that was ever posted

Why was it that out of all days did I randomly decide to start a blog?

Beats the hell out of me.

Actually there are some reasons why; one is to keep my English communication levels up to par. No, don't think it sounds like some lame excuse because it isn't. You see, long gone are those days of intense essay writing that you (once hatefully) got in English or Economics in year 12 , and those days of creative story writing that i so dearly so loved to do. And so, without the use of my literacy skills, it can only ever degenerate to a point where i sound noobish in all aspects of my writing, even if it can be somewhat seen here ..
Ahem* anyways, the point is, it'll keep me thinking, and to some degree, sharp. Use it or lose it right?

Perhaps another reason is because now that the excitement of uni life has finally settled down, it can get a bit quiet and without that many people to talk to physically, then what better way to express yourself then in a blog :O.

So it'll be a journey of the many exciting and boring things that come across in this life, the weird and wonderful thoughts and the simple day to day observations. Hope it doesn't sound too boring already

Here's something I've always thought to myself though ; what do people think of Vanta?
Okay okay, sounds a bit farfetchd but everyone's always interested about themselves from another point of view aren't they? I mean this year was quite a change ; it involved making ALOT of new (and awesome) friends and I suppose it's always been about making a first and lasting impression.

Ive had friends who've stuck with me from primary and know my kiddy/gamer side , and then those who I've met through high school that know the torture of the work, the crap and good teachers we'd get and everything else inbetween. And now it's uni, where you're a newcomer and you have to make you're own name again? hmm.. something like that. But you can only ever really be yourself, no good showing people someone you're not, even if, in the unfortunate event, they don't like it. =(

But lets get this straight, I certainly hope people don't think I'm shy because i can be pretty loud, crazy and what i consider 'to have 'a wild side' (gasps*). yup. oh, and when it comes to conformity I'd like to be "specialized" or at least different so that I stand out, not in a bad way of course. There is a degree on being different, being just plane weird/retarded/psycho is freaky. Maybe I've crossed that barrier a few times .

Anyways there's a Physics quiz tomorrow that I should be sleeping for so I'll cut it short here. oh and will dress up this blog so it looks a little better.