Rage Quit

I wonder if anyone here has seen me really really pissed off? Not many people right? Actually, I don't think anyone's seen me angry before because I am not an angry guy. But every now and then there are just SOME things that tip you ever the edge, you know? To the point where you just want to unleash your frustration SO badly. Whether it be throwing a tantrum, closing the door loudly, punching the wall or screaming like a Super Saiyan, there comes a time where you just want to Go NUTS and all out

Not wanting to dummy spit or any sense, but isn't it a healthy thing to get angry every now and then. It's human. But I ask what makes you angry?

When things don't get as planned? most likely my main one (getting owned in street fighter? heh). Is it because you lack the flexibility to compromise when things don't go to hand? When people don't do things they say they would is probably what cuts me the most. It's a Trust thing - Trust is probably the most precious thing you can give to someone else and it's something that has to be earned.

some people really need to stop lying to themselves and to others so the don't get fooled too. How cliche' does that sound seriously.

I'd probably be looking back and asking myself - why the hell did I write this? but right now it was in the heat of the moment.