days past..

So it was one of those ordinary days where you get something to eat from the kitchen with the TV on when good ol' Opera suddenly appears on TV - and so being bored as I was, I got myself in a comfy position and slowly ate my nutri- grain flakes one ... by one.

It was an interesting show - Medical Miracles or something along those lines, and at one instance, there was this woman who could apparently remember every day of her life from the day she was born. That itself was pretty amazing - imagine being able to remember EVERYTHING you ever did - your first steps as a baby, your first period (in her case... lol), your first kiss, EVERYTHING! You'd think she'd be able to ace spelling B's and all that academic stuff but apparently she couldn't. The Doctor reasoned that she used this emotional based memory rather then forced memorization which explains her lack of academic skills.

For example, she could remember all the activities she did on her birthdays, the dates of deaths of famous people and all the weird and crazy things that touched her in an emotional sense. And yet, it all comes at a cost; to be able to remember every insult, every remark ( she was a big lady ) every negative action someone would do is comparable to say, holding a grudge against someone.. forever! not being able to let go

Then comes the heart break - not being able to forget when you are crushed in a relationship. Reliving a painful moment every single day of your life with small constant reminders like a photograph would be pretty darn hard. For you see, her husband died somehow ( cancer I think ) but imagine being able to remember as clear as if it was just yesterday that someone important to you had passed away. Pretty sad ain't it?

So would you consider being able to forget a curse or a blessing? We've all forgotten our keys somewhere before, phones, wallets but we can never forget the things that touch us most - loved ones, once in a life time opportunities, stressful times (year 12 exams anyone?), goodbyes or even crushes or heartbreaks.

But when we are able to forget these memories, even for an instant just to be happy again, is that what makes us, well, human? Is it me or the more we try to forget about something, the more it sticks to your brain? How do we forget things? how exactly do we not think about it? By doing something else? and yet, at the very end of doing it, the memories come floating back.

In some sense, memories are what makes us, us at that period of time. Something good just happened? we're all talkative and expressive and smiley, but the opposite occurs and we're all emo, quiet and ugh like unless you're plain tired. That's what I've noticed anyway..

Memories.. they are delicate little things so look after and treat them like their you're children :P

I'll finish with a quote by Freya from Final Fantasy 9 ( hey, at least it taught me this) that stuck to me like superglue because it just makes sense :

To Be Forgotten Is Worse Than Death

So remember peoples birthdays =O