two thousand and ten

It's the last post for 2009... *how depressing sobs*

I was kidding HAHAHA *stands tall*

I thought year 12 went fast. I was wrong. 2009 smashed 2008. Actually, it feels like 2008 was only yesterday. =/

Looking back I guess it's been one hell of a ride. So many things accomplished, I'd say.

And somehow along the way I've got hold of some pretty darn cool friends ;D

So heres a salute to all of you's .


OH yeah and as far as new year resolutions are concerned, well I have a few, and I better keep them quiet ;)

Happy New Years !!!!! Bring on 2010!

Play it like theres no tomorrow.

When I'm bored. I blog. It's as simple as that.

And because i'm so bored right now im going to blog. I like my logic too! :D

So today I went to a friends birthday and guess what I did there...?
Street fighter'd until I was the last one standing..
There was some fierce competition at one point but I somehow manage to pull through, with a bit of luck hahaha. and now i'm known as the (obsessed?) Street Fighter kid. No I'm not crazy.. it's just a recreational thing, like when people badminton, play poker or facebook, I sf4. ok?

Now onto something random:
I wish I could play piano. I'd trade my street fighter skills to be able to play the piano anyday! Seriously. My parents forbidded me. Long story. but it'd be amazing to be able to play. Heck, i'd even force my kids to learn to play it.

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's... a bird!

I was on my daily walk from the Asian grocery today, when a bird swooped just to the side of me. Instantly, I thought there was something unusual about this particular bird. It flew so elegantly, gliding in the wind with a shape that looked all too familiar.

Could it be? I thought to myself

I quickly gave chase until I found myself right beneath it, as it perched itself high onto the cable lines. It lay at rest, surveying the area for any threats or food to be hunted. It then looked right at me, giving me this long dagger- like stare in which, I stared backed. I couldn't believe it.

A Peregrine Falcon!

I've never seen one in real life before. I could only recognize it from the many pictures I've seen on the net.
But why did this bird fascinate me in particular? It was way back in year 4, that I had to do research and a presentation on an endangered species and as you would have guessed it, mine was on this bird.

From what I can remember, the falcon is known to be the fastest animal in the world; (reaching speeds of up to 320 km - Wikipedia). It's diet consists of other birds, and other smaller animals such as squirrels and humans. ( just kidding :P).
The fact this bird is not only fast but looks stunning when it's in action ( or hunting) makes it one of my favorite animals of all time. If I were to have any pet in the world, it would probably one of these babies.

looking at it though, it didn't appear to be fully matured, more like at an adolescent stage, due to the feathers not looking 'fully ripe. ' xD yahuh *nods*

Anyways I only wished I had my phone on me so I could take a picture of it before it took flight once again. damn.

Now where did that Pokeball go?

A blog's legacy

Say... fellow bloggers/readers. Here's a question. When do you cease to blog? I'm curious...

And would it be more of a gradual close (blog dies slowly) or an instant one..?

Perhaps when you realise you don't have time to blog; through some big thing happening to you ; getting a job, moving, getting a gf, etc.

It could even be that the blog gets so boring nobody wants to read it, or your blog is just lame and people read it to get a good laugh. xD

I'ts not that I'd stop anytime soon, just a thought.. ( well maybe.. depends on the circumstance )


Too fast im furious

First and foremost, thanks for the cool night med raders. Although you'd probably never be reading this, only wish I didn't have to leave so frigging early to not enjoy what was left - but I'd have no ride home then. It was also getting to the good part too! aaaaargh

Anyways, My bro was the one who picked me up. He pulls up in his black Evo3 and says, terminator 3 style, hop in. -.-

I could really learn a lot from him. His what I'd describe as .. street smart. I mean you can be smart academically and then you be street smart. Make sense?
It mainly things like socializing, knowing drinks, being confident around people, knowing your rights (police wise), knowing where to be at the right place, the law, etc. . It's something you can only learn through experience. I still have hell of a long way to go...

Moving on, it's kind of fun when you're in his car. His a car junkie, so he knows what his car inside out. He also likes to push it to the limit too. It just so happens that during the night, an Integra was on the left lane trying to outdo my bro with a burst of acceleration on the main road.

My bro laughs in a sadistic manner and says:

No integra can beat my car

He just slams the pedal like a crazy madman and the everything becomes a mass blur, kind of like what you see in the movies. Dragging in rain! Dangerous much? but I have to admit; the rush you get beating the Integra with that kind of speed was incredible!

Dw I'm not as baddass as him and wont ever will be. xD
But It's great to have a bro who knows his car stuff, his street smarts and everything in between.

Happy 21st Birthday big bro! :)

If my calculation are correct, we will have 3 ... nyahahah

Walking back from a friends place I was stopped by the friendly hey of an elderly couple whom lived just around the corner. During our brief conversation the old lady said you've lost a lot of weight. that wasn't expected. Last time I saw her was a year or two ago.

But for those I haven't known since along time ago,then yes, I was a little fat geeky kid at one stage. hahaha and to some degree I still am. Fairly easy to imagine? Playing video games nonstop kind of does that to you. Remember right?

It goes to show how things can really change in the little space of 5 years. And what's to learn from all this? don't pick on fat kids or they'll hunt you down like a bear eats a fish. or like a a nerd collector obtaining the rarest Pokemon card on the planet... or like..OK I'll stop there.

Speaking of geeky people, there's this video featuring some Asian dancers that I thought was very well executed. The scene is set with 3 geeks who create 3 cyber girls to be there ,well, entertainment. Seriously check it out, I kid you not if you're in for something awesome when youwatch. I am so going to learn that move that guy does with his hands too :D

The Interview at the beginning - priceless xD

What is yours but everyone uses it more than you?

It seems everyone is making full use of their holidays; whether it is working and making the dosh, catching up with friends, sightseeing, partying, going overseas, you name it.

Whilst I’m stuck here trying to get my P’s, with no internet (still!) limited money and a messy desktop. At this rate, by the time people are done with the excitement of the holidays and ready to get back to uni, I’m still looking for ways to enjoy my not so awesome holidays. xO

In other news though, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Sunday 6/12/2009. It was actually overdue by a week and weighed 3.6ish kg, quite heavy for a child. They decided to name her Ariya.

Here’s a question. What do you think of the name?
First thing that popped into my head was Gosh that is extremely Asian. My sis and her hubby, being both cambo, were keen on keeping their cambo roots and named her like that. As I think about it more, I kind of realise its uniqueness in the way that I’ve never heard of such a name. It actually sounds pretty from my perspective but then hey, you be the judge. I am yet to know what the name means.

So my parents were overjoyed and you know how they are with the It’s got my eyes, and it’s got your nose or what the, whose hair is that? Etc. (First grandchild for them)...

Sometimes I wonder why on earth they named me my name. What do you reckon? It’s a pretty distinct name, even in (my culture) let alone the world. I do remember someone once telling me that’s such a cool name. I laughed.

It’s nice to know when someone mentions my name, there’s none of that which one? Also, since it’s so weird and different, most people I know have no problems remembering it. Vanta for short.

I have this idea that every name has to it, a personality or trait that you unconsciously judge on, based on how you knew the first person with that name. For example, I know quite a few Michaels, and the first one was kind of like a badass classmate at school (year 1 ). From then on, every time I met a new Michael, I would think of the first one and think his a badass when clearly this is not the case, but it’s just that idea of thinking of the first person of that name the moment you hear the name. ( Yeah I like to confuse people a lot... )

At one time or another, you’ve probably thought about naming your future children ( given you decided to have them). It’s a very personal choice for many couples and many don’t actually say what they’d name their child until he/she is actually born ( so people don’t copy it before hand ). Imagine naming you’re child Megatron or Optimus though. How crazy would that be?

There are heaps of cool names out there, be it common or uncommon. Sometimes you get names that you don’t particularly like too. Perhaps it’s due to not liking a person with that name? ( hmmm?). Occasionally however, you come across names that are so epic, it literally make you stop and admire it for like a full minute out of the sheer beautiful-ness of the name. ( I’ve only ever come across a handful though and they’re top secret ;))

( OH and answer is your name, but of course, you knew that )

If only.

It’s been a week since first year uni has officially finished. And holidays without internet is incredibly boring. Kind of makes me realise how much we ( or just me..) have become dependent on this thing we call the internet. It’s ridiculous!

So moving on...

Ever felt like you needed something so wild, so extreme, perhaps even life changing to happen? Call me crazy, but there are times when you just have this urge to do something incredible that ought to give you the biggest adrenaline rush.

Now base jumping, sky diving & bungee jumping are all activities that will give you that rush I’m looking for, but that can wait till a bit later. I was thinking perhaps in another context...

Could it be saving some girl from getting hit from a crash, getting attacked by thugs or ripping off your shirt (Revealing these tight abs that you’ve been working on to impress her especially T_T) to attend her wounds? (Twilight much? xD )

AHHAHAHA YES I understand that sounds incredibly stupid/cliché/random/retarded/ but sometimes you just can’t help but imagine that something like that will happen. Such a dreamer.

However, as harsh as it is, the reality is, no, IT WON’ EVER HAPPENS. Sucks right? Mmmhmm. Yes, I do have some degree of sense in me.

There’s a difference between an astronomer and an astronaut. One spends his whole life studying the stars whilst the other is actually up there amongst them.

Do you know what I mean when I say that? Perhaps I should make the switch sometime soon...

Time to do something crazy :O

Life with no net.

No I haven't been neglecting my blog.

It's simply a case of not having any net to update it with.

It's already been a week and life's sure is unusual without net. Reminds me of my primary school years where playstation and abc tv was the norm.

Anyways Summer holidays are finally here !!!!! so you know what that means right?

RUN forest RUUUN!

Ahh found a reason to run..

When you have a reason to run, you keep on running.

Run until your legs feel like they're about to rip apart.

Until that very last breath.

For when you have a reason to run, you're one step closer to ...

Not gay at all.

New moon is currently the hottest thing around. And for many, you can either love it or hate it.

I don't mind the series myself. I haven't read the books (yet) but only seen the first movie, and as a late teen, I can see how it entrances the audience (girls especially).

They say Jacobs is the new Edward nowadays, and it's probably true. There are a few scenes where he is topless and shows these insane abs + muscles. As a guy I'm like woah..he sure set the standard straight no doubt about that.

Argh! quick! before this post gets any gayer, need something to balance it out!

ahh good old Boa. That's better. ahem* anyway

What guy wouldn't want those killer abs to impress. seriously!

Guess it looks like i have my work cut out these holidays, if you know what I mean ... ;)

Here we go!

2 more days of knuckling down right to the very core. It's going to be hard to focus for so long but heres a quote that i'll share to pull (me) through the last couple of days until life can resume as normal..

The man who makes a success of an important venture never wails for the crowd. He strikes out for himself. It takes nerve, it takes a great lot of grit; but the man that succeeds has both. Anyone can fail. The public admires the man who has enough confidence in himself to take a chance. These chances are the main things after all. The man who tries to succeed must expect to be criticized. Nothing important was ever done but the greater number consulted previously doubted the possibility. Success is the accomplishment of that which most people think can't be done.
C. V. White

Balls on a hot day.

less then 40 hours till physiology exam.. and well it's taken longer then anticipated. but hey, at least it's somewhat interesting. Learning about the reproductive system and all.. =O

Apparently during hot days, your balls (& scrotum) drop to relieve it of all forms of heat because it functions best within a strict temperature range. ( and vice versa for cold days) did you know that? because I didn't.

And despite the fact that the opposite sex is long and complicated, content wise, it's fiiiiinalllllly filled a lot of holes in my knowledge of well, women. kinda.

Hahaha I'm talking about private parts because It's still fresh in my mind from studying ( having an exam on it is totally the best excuse )

Ooomph anyways

what if...

Keep dreaming

what do both Sam Witwicky (Transformers) and Michael angargro (The Forbidden Kingdom)
have in common?

They're both geeky people who aren't really popular, but get their lives transformed (pun itended) by some magical event which ultimately leaves them with with some incredible girl and a cool thing to go along with them.

sometimes I wish one day it'll happen to me. xD ( only in your dreams mate)

Hahaha one day ... one day damn..

1 exam down, 3 to go .... ( or 4 if you count viva)

Summer means..

Swotvac has officially started and what better way to kick it off with 6 consecutive days of 35 degrees+ weather. Guess summer just couldn't wait to show it's cheeky face..

But you know what summer means right?

It means you start hearing the chirps of crickets amidst the warm summer nights...

It means you have an excuse to strut around the house in your undies, even when people are present

It means the constant swatting of flies as you attempt to go outside but get ambushed by 100's of them the moment you stepped out. Also means that if the flies concentrate on someones butt, you have an excuse to laugh xD

It means you start profoundly sweating, even when you're doing absoultely nothing!

It means the beach is the place to be, showcasing that hot body you've been working on since winter ( or not..) and going for that refreshing dip in the sea

It means you start witnessing the most amazing displays of Christmas lights you've ever seen as you drive past peoples houses.

It means the end of year is fast approaching, with Christmas & end of years sales; where you can buy the ps3 you've always wanted and turn that global financial crisis upside down.

It means the holiday season is in full throttle, with parties, of all types everywhere you go.

It means the complete joy for some as they get a pleasant surprise for their score for year 12 or uni, and the anguish of others whom didn't do so well...

But most importantly for many, it marks the end of one of the most wackiest years yet to come into our lives, be it first year uni, making new friends for life, relationship mishaps, breakups, makeups and for many others, a bit of soul searching.

Who knows whats awaiting us in the years to come.. maybe you might just get lucky :O

I guess exams have offically driven me crazy >_>

What is courage? (TBC)

Another post; thought this was worth mentioning...

It was about the time during the end of last year. I was in this second hand store with my dad that sold a variety of random and used items; from old clothes, toys and ornaments to old smelly grandma stuff (?). One of the rooms had a massive section of old books.

Anyways I ended up reading a few of them and decided to grab 4 Readers Digest books for about 5c each that looked at least 10 years old.

I was THAT bored. -_-

You know how you have this section where people write about stories of their own life experiences and whatnot? I can distinctively remember reading this one that particularly stood out.

There was this girl who was doing a philosophy exam. The exam was quite hard and by the time she had reached the last question, she was mentally drained. Time was also running out. The last section required her to write an essay like answer to the question:

What is courage?

As like all the other students in the class, she thought for a bit and quickly wrote down all she could think of that were based on philosophical concepts she had learned during the course; definitions, diagrams, real life examples and comparisons to what wasn't courage. It was indeed a very hard exam for everyone as they could be seen pulling their hair out, thinking of ways to elaborate on it. It turns out she wrote 3 whole pages explaining this concept of courage to the best of her ability.

After getting her results back she was content to have gotten an above average mark, but was astonished at the person whom she was sitting next to, who had gotten full marks for the essay section. Unbelievable she thought, it was the hardest exam she had taken. She was curious to know how he could have done such a feat.

She looked at his paper and discovered it was only 1 page long, had no diagrams on it and consisted of only 2 words:

This is

Turn Up The Heat!

As you may have noticed, the blogs interface has been redisgned because:
a) it was pretty hard to read over the rainy backdrop and
b) Summers fast approaching so it didn't suit today's "weather"

Also added a dp for completeness because every other blog has one too and I didn't =/

Oh man, exam period is fast approaching and everyone's in the rush to prepare for it.

- As for all the year 12 commencing exams tomorrow; Wishing you all the best that it goes fine ;)

Adelaide uni people get their swatvac one week earlier then SA which is bad and good; depending on what you want to see it. I think it's just.. whatever xD doesn't really matter.

Suppose I haven't really started studying too; since I still have uni, the revision process is starting a bit slower then i thought. gota start building that momentum fast :O

And it's 36 degree's today !! :O

exxxam study mode : no gaming for 24 days. Done it once, can do it again.

such a plain post today; next time should be at least a little bit more interesting

A Free Future Prospect

SHHOULD BE REVISING RIGHT NOW but I'll do it tomorrow. So brain dead arrrgaa oogabooga !aldsf;a

Some random thought crossed my mind today; and you know how you laugh when you remember something funny? well I had one of those
About a year ago, whilst on a cruise with my cousin; we were discussing about girls. It's always an interesting topic, and I guess he has had his fair share with the female counterparts. Anyways during the conversation I remember him saying..

Vanta. If you want to know what a girl looks like years later down the track, just take a look at their mum. She'll probably end up looking like that

I LOL'd at the thought of that.

But on second thoughts, perhaps there's some degree of truth to it. I mean sometimes you can actually really see the resemblance between mothers and daughters & fathers and sons. Especially the really big ones, i mean if the mums really (fat) it's not uncommon to see the daughter just as big.

And then on the other side of the spectrum, you get the ones that totally look like they were inserted from another family. Guess it must be a gentics mix and match thing. I'd assume it works for the male side of the family too.

So how do you fair?
Luckily, my dad, aged in his mid 50's , is still surprisingly fit and healthy, and same goes for my mum. Neither of them is overweight, and my dad is probably a tad thinner then he should be, but i'm not complaining. looks like I'm set for a pretty okay future, aging wise. hahaha

I'll clean this post up later soo tired -_-

Blue and red.

When I woke up today I had the urge to spice up my room just so it look more classier. What better way to do that with a new wall scroll which I bought that afternoon later.

So I present to you my new wall scroll:

It's the blue one on the right.

A few reasons why I choose this one in particular:
- It's Naruto; everyone loves Naruto right? (well most people..)
- Needed a colour to contrast with red, so why not pick a relaxing blue
- Cool action pose :O
- Simple design, again, in contrast to the somewhat noisier Kingdom Hearts one.
- Rasengan symbolizes Naruto's strength from within; willpower, determination and perseverance, to master the seemingly impossible ability; something I should be adapting for end of year exams..
- Thought the spiral effect looked pretty neat.

hahaha as you can see, I'm such a geek. But i guess, there's no point lying to people about who you truly are right? ;)

If you look carefully you can see my other figures; a transformer, a Gundam and a few Zoids lined up next to each other. I've been collecting them since I was a kid, because as you would know, you had to do something to keep you entertained during those teenage years.

Just a little snapshot of my secret room; since no one's really ever been in it.

Sorry, what was that?

Most of the time, the highlights of my days comes from bumping into school or uni friends that you haven't seen for ages and just striking up a conversation, whether it be; what they're doing right now, to what they've been doing since you last caught up. It's nice to know people are making their way slowly up the "ladder of life" and that in 10 years time, they will have something to talk about.
(Seriously though, on a daily basis I run into so many friends ,it's insane but really cool too. you never know who going to be next too xD)

Sometimes though, it comes to a point where you kind of run out of things to say. and it's like awkward. And you don't know what to say, but at the same time, you really don't want to make it uncomfortable too. Then you kind of want the other person to say something to help break the ice but they don't say anything because they're either not paying attention or are stuck themselves. Then you're thinking "say something..D;. and it turns out you end up looking like an idiot trying to ask a stupid question like you like stuff?

I actually like people who talk a lot. They break the silence for a person who's quiet most of the the time. They have heaps of interesting stories to say, and it's just nice to have someone to talk to since it's can be quite a drag doing things independently almost all the time. But then again, I can talk about things nonstop, if only people would let me xD


The blasting sound of my alarm wakes me up. It's morning and I hear the chirps of newborn birds, screeching excitedly to a new day, to a new start in life . I check the time : 7:50. 20 minutes until the bus comes. The warm shower washes away my sleepiness and the scars of a late night. 15 minute shower. S*@! I'm late. I quickly get ready and walk swiftly towards the bus stop.

As I pass homes, I notice peoples gardens; rows upon rows of colors, all different kinds, blended in a mass heap and growing in all directions. Spring I think to myself. The sun's already up high and reveals the very essence in which spring has to offer; butterflies, flowers, baby birds and beautiful warm days. I turn the corner and find the bus existing into the main road. !@%# Too late. Today's going to be a bad day.

I decide to walk to the train station instead. A 15 minute walk that requires me to make my way through a small alleyway entangled with flora. It's teeming with life, like Adelaide on the evening of a new years celebration. Ants were coming out, disappearing just as they would appear. A few more steps and I'm out of this place. To my dismay, a swarm of ants are concentrated on a patch grass. Close inspection reveals it to be the corpse of an unlucky baby bird. Poor thing, not once was it able to see the light of day.

To be continued

just another day for me, in a different text i suppose. felt like a bit of story writing, since I haven't done one in a while. still so noob. mm

It's a mixture of a world

Interesting isn't it.. with the amount of interaction between people of different cultures nowadays, couples and ultimately family upbringings end up being, well mixed. Instead of just having single race parents, like mine, we are slowly but surely getting individuals of different races ending up with each other. And fortunately, it miraculously turns out that their children end up being incredibly good looking (9/10 times anyway..) and they get to experience the joys of 2 different cultures.
I know a few people who are mixed or in the processing mixing, with some examples of different nationalities including:

Chink/Cambo - "Cambo-nese"

Even now, my friends who are couples are mixing *cough* Laos/Chinese anyone?

But it appears that I know a lot of Chinese/Viet or Chinese/Cambo hybrids then any other mix. And for the sake of it, my hairdressers Chinese/Cambo herself but has a Cambo husband :O. And they all have one thing in common - good looking children.
It's probably a genetics thing; If i can recall correctly, the more variance in the genes there is ( people from different regions ) the more better of chances for survival (increased immunity to specific disease per region or something..) okay.. umm lets just say its better for ease.

So what is exactly is the point of all this? well, I don't know about you, but I think intermixing ROCKS!
I mean it'll be one awesome experience to see the likes of living through another ones cultural ideas. Surely there would be similarities in some aspects, for example, taking off shoes before entering, eating rice everyday and having black hair but at the same time, having differences too; food, language, beliefs and wedding styles. But you know what? that just adds a new dimension of FUN to it. Working things out and learning from each other with the addition of having attractive and successful kids are also experiences that would be something we'd all be looking forward too.

I just found this from the site "vero" that sums up what I've been trying to say:

East Meets the West

Interracial dating seems to becoming very popular and I think this is a good thing! Logically, the only difference between ethnic (cultural, national, racial, tribal) minorities is background, color of skin, and perhaps some other differences, but, on the whole, if two people like each why allow these differences to get in the way? Physically, the only differences between us all are skin-color and perhaps eye and nose shape, so what! If you love somebody, these minor differences are irrelevant  and not even worth considering at all! Love is known to cross cultural and religious boundaries!

No matter if it's for friendship, dating, romance, love or marriage, it's a good thing to connect people from different cultures, races and countries because we are sure: Love speaks only one language.

That last statement makes my spine tingle. Ahem* anyway;

There are also people who just want to stay with their own culture by either their own personal choice or are forced by their parents. That's really up to them to decide and it's the probably a good case of whatever makes you happy but I know for sure that my parents don't mind; nope, not one bit. weeeee :D so long as I'm Happy too.

So in my case it'd be whoever I want, or in terms of reality; whoever wants me (LOL). Khmer culture (that is, Cambo ) is an amazing culture and I wouldn't be surprised that many people reading this now knew what it was about or what it was.. it's similar to many South Eastern cultures but unique in it's own way too.
As far as I'm concerned though, it doesn't matter what the girls race is..( with some exceptions) and if it ends up going that step further, it'll probably be how she wants to raise the kids too.. hehe.

There's sooooooo much more that could be said about this topic and I've only scratched the surface. As for now though, I'll give it a rest..

Where is the looove?

So I got back from a night out with friends, which was quite eventful and I couldn't help but notice the many couples passing me by. I mean, I've always noticed couples everywhere I go and it's always interesting to see who ends up with who.
Anyways, most of them were dressed as if they were going to hit the clubs and have a goodnight out with drinks and dancing. This eventually got me thinking... are there still people out there who'd rather go out the old fashion way? I don't know about you guys but there doesn't seem to be any people left unless I'm just not looking in the right direction.

So what is old fashioned termed as? You've seen the movies right? cough *notebook* where there's a lot of romance, passion, and all the really sweet things guys do for a girl. Hahaha, well being a hopeless romantic myself I do wonder if chivalry is still admired from the opposite sex? Most of the time, it's about being a dick (which is quite the opposite) to get her attention, and sure, in this current day and age, it's normal(?), but are there any actual people out there who are willing to.. take a relaxing stroll at the beach during a sunset, stare out at the sparkling night sky counting all the stars, going for a paddle on a boat amongst swans ;) or even kissing (for the first time) in the down pouring rain.

I suppose I've always had that attitude of saving up for the one girl so that it's all genuine and it's with the most passion too. I think i get that from my dad - he's always telling me try and not make any mistakes in picking a girl the first time; its so much more special that way.

There is also a bad side to it;
You lack experience, whether it be planning ideas, creating conversation or keeping the girl interested - "players" know what to say to keep girls on the edge but nice guys don't know what to do because they are either too shy, or don't want to take any risks of creating a bad name for himself.

I'm not sure if I'm asking for much or this is selfish but a girl who's a dreamer, doesn't mind a bit of passionate romance, doesn't mind my stupid jokes or my crazy ideas or even just wants to hold hands tightly(and never let go xD)is good enough. Add a really cool, bubbly, amazing personality with a hint of a smile and you've got me knocking at your door xD

It's funny though - even the most hottest girl whom which every guy gives a "10" too would most likely be seen through my eyes as somewhat lower - there is nothing wrong with me because an amazing personality truly does add to whats a deserving 10 should be.

Of course grooming is somewhat important - kind of a turn off to go out with a girl with hair coming out of her ears and nose (LOL) that smells and has crazy hair ( but hey we all have our bad hair days.) Someone who doesnt try TOO hard to impress but just naturally knows how to do it @_@.

Speaking of this topic, there's a movie, 500 Days of summer that I've been dying to see; it's about a guy who falls for this girl who is all independent, and has that I dont need a boyfriend kind attitude; and things just work out, looks amazingly good!

days past..

So it was one of those ordinary days where you get something to eat from the kitchen with the TV on when good ol' Opera suddenly appears on TV - and so being bored as I was, I got myself in a comfy position and slowly ate my nutri- grain flakes one ... by one.

It was an interesting show - Medical Miracles or something along those lines, and at one instance, there was this woman who could apparently remember every day of her life from the day she was born. That itself was pretty amazing - imagine being able to remember EVERYTHING you ever did - your first steps as a baby, your first period (in her case... lol), your first kiss, EVERYTHING! You'd think she'd be able to ace spelling B's and all that academic stuff but apparently she couldn't. The Doctor reasoned that she used this emotional based memory rather then forced memorization which explains her lack of academic skills.

For example, she could remember all the activities she did on her birthdays, the dates of deaths of famous people and all the weird and crazy things that touched her in an emotional sense. And yet, it all comes at a cost; to be able to remember every insult, every remark ( she was a big lady ) every negative action someone would do is comparable to say, holding a grudge against someone.. forever! not being able to let go

Then comes the heart break - not being able to forget when you are crushed in a relationship. Reliving a painful moment every single day of your life with small constant reminders like a photograph would be pretty darn hard. For you see, her husband died somehow ( cancer I think ) but imagine being able to remember as clear as if it was just yesterday that someone important to you had passed away. Pretty sad ain't it?

So would you consider being able to forget a curse or a blessing? We've all forgotten our keys somewhere before, phones, wallets but we can never forget the things that touch us most - loved ones, once in a life time opportunities, stressful times (year 12 exams anyone?), goodbyes or even crushes or heartbreaks.

But when we are able to forget these memories, even for an instant just to be happy again, is that what makes us, well, human? Is it me or the more we try to forget about something, the more it sticks to your brain? How do we forget things? how exactly do we not think about it? By doing something else? and yet, at the very end of doing it, the memories come floating back.

In some sense, memories are what makes us, us at that period of time. Something good just happened? we're all talkative and expressive and smiley, but the opposite occurs and we're all emo, quiet and ugh like unless you're plain tired. That's what I've noticed anyway..

Memories.. they are delicate little things so look after and treat them like their you're children :P

I'll finish with a quote by Freya from Final Fantasy 9 ( hey, at least it taught me this) that stuck to me like superglue because it just makes sense :

To Be Forgotten Is Worse Than Death

So remember peoples birthdays =O

Rage Quit

I wonder if anyone here has seen me really really pissed off? Not many people right? Actually, I don't think anyone's seen me angry before because I am not an angry guy. But every now and then there are just SOME things that tip you ever the edge, you know? To the point where you just want to unleash your frustration SO badly. Whether it be throwing a tantrum, closing the door loudly, punching the wall or screaming like a Super Saiyan, there comes a time where you just want to Go NUTS and all out

Not wanting to dummy spit or any sense, but isn't it a healthy thing to get angry every now and then. It's human. But I ask what makes you angry?

When things don't get as planned? most likely my main one (getting owned in street fighter? heh). Is it because you lack the flexibility to compromise when things don't go to hand? When people don't do things they say they would is probably what cuts me the most. It's a Trust thing - Trust is probably the most precious thing you can give to someone else and it's something that has to be earned.

some people really need to stop lying to themselves and to others so the don't get fooled too. How cliche' does that sound seriously.

I'd probably be looking back and asking myself - why the hell did I write this? but right now it was in the heat of the moment.

A splitting headache..

Just had to blog this;

Was recently browsing around Facebook and a friend posted a video of something that I would later regret watching. It was one of the most Gruesome horrific scenes I have ever seen in my 19 years of living. I've seen some pretty disgusting things so far but this was particularly disturbing.

This is not set in Australia but some place ( I don't want to watch that video again to check T_T) but it evolves a bunch of guys, with girls filming who are attempting to dive off some sort of jetty like structure. The first instance you see a guy dive pretty casually into the water, everyone claps and cheers. The guy kind of looks like your typical beach surfer as well. Anyways, the next guy gets ready to dive in but slips on his descent. Sure, it would have been fine if it was just water underneath him I suppose, but there is gap of raw concrete between the jetty and the water ( about a meter length ) that they must cover. As a result, he smashed landed, full force and face first on the rock-solid concrete, doing a flip in the process, and with what descending momentum he had left, plunging into the sea. The concrete was about 4-5 meters below the jetty just as a rough idea.

You could hear the absolute breaking of his face as he crashed into the concrete. Simply put, it was that noise of his face being crushed that disturbed me the most. Everyone was screaming as he landed into the water and all you see next is his lifeless body floating. The next scene shows people moving this boy out of the water, with the sea nothing more but that of a sickening crimson red.

Another scene skips and he lay on the hospital bed, surgeons holding his mangled face, which appears to be... split, not in half but in 4 even quarters FROM THE MIDDLE. His face was literally moving apart and you could see his tongue thrashing about, his teeth, his eye balls loose, blood everywhere just gaping from every aspect of his head. The most astonishing part was that he was still breathing, still alive, but his FACE WAS IN QUARTERS. Just horrific.Words alone cannot describe that image. And it was because they were diving off some stupid jetty.

But in the end it's a lesson to be learnt from and one that shouldn't be taken for granted. Doing stupid dangerous stunts like those can really cost you. Not wanting to be some random guy who just says it because it's not right, I mean, everyone knows it's stupid, shouldn't be done etc, etc, but this imagery really makes you think thrice about the possibilities that can occur.

And this includes driving at high speeds. So don't. To anyone else who's reading this, if I were to see this happen to you, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. Just don't T.T

5 Centimeters Per Second

Today, I shall blog about a film I've just recently watched; that was pretty awesome too. It's called 5 Centimeters per second; and no, it's not anything Physics related. Rather, it refers the rate at which cherry blossoms descend from the trees. The title itself is actually a metaphor used to describe one of the many emotions the main character goes through.
But why exactly am I blogging about this movie in particular?
Because it sends a pretty darn powerful message to things most of us can relate to.

The film is broken into 3 chapters, in which the characters live out their childhood, teenage and adult lives. The main character, Takaki has to moves schools frequently due to family reasons. Being the kind of loner he is because of this, he is able to befriends this girl, Akari whom which they get quite close. But then he realizes the he and she have to move to different (primary) schools, but keep in touch through sending letters (kind of like a long distance relationship penpal thing, as since phones weren't used back then, letters was the way to go ). Anyway things happen and he has to move again, but this time so far that they wouldn't be able to visit each other anymore, even if they wanted to (they didn't really before because they were so busy).

To keep things short, he decides to meet her at 7'oclock, by catching like 5 trains. He also writes a letter telling her all his feelings as a way of saying goodbye but also as a means of wanting to stay connected. However, on the train, it starts to snow and the train gets delayed 5 minutes, 10 and it just builds up.

Whilst waiting for another train at an exchange location, he decides to buy a drink but upon taking out his money, he takes out the letter which gets caught by the wind and blows off in the distance. His pretty upset by then, being late and losing his letter but still continues to see Akari. It's 8 o'clock, his late and the train gets stuck in a snow storm. He describes how every second seemed like an eternity because he wants to see her again for one last time. ( he only has a day till he moves ). He had to wait 2 hours (by himself on the train ) for it to start moving again. It is now 11 o'clock and by now Akari has surly gone home, but upon arriving there....

You really have got to watch it, seriously. The way i described it here sounds kind of lame/noobish, but the stunning visuals, word usage and atmosphere really sets up for a beautifully executed film. That was only the first chapter, the second talks about how relationships don't always work ( another girl liking him but no feelings are returned ) and the third is about learning to let go. Marvelous really, just watch, no regrets!

Hey for the sake of it, here is a preview Of the scene I was describing, seriously it's awesome!

The first post that was ever posted

Why was it that out of all days did I randomly decide to start a blog?

Beats the hell out of me.

Actually there are some reasons why; one is to keep my English communication levels up to par. No, don't think it sounds like some lame excuse because it isn't. You see, long gone are those days of intense essay writing that you (once hatefully) got in English or Economics in year 12 , and those days of creative story writing that i so dearly so loved to do. And so, without the use of my literacy skills, it can only ever degenerate to a point where i sound noobish in all aspects of my writing, even if it can be somewhat seen here ..
Ahem* anyways, the point is, it'll keep me thinking, and to some degree, sharp. Use it or lose it right?

Perhaps another reason is because now that the excitement of uni life has finally settled down, it can get a bit quiet and without that many people to talk to physically, then what better way to express yourself then in a blog :O.

So it'll be a journey of the many exciting and boring things that come across in this life, the weird and wonderful thoughts and the simple day to day observations. Hope it doesn't sound too boring already

Here's something I've always thought to myself though ; what do people think of Vanta?
Okay okay, sounds a bit farfetchd but everyone's always interested about themselves from another point of view aren't they? I mean this year was quite a change ; it involved making ALOT of new (and awesome) friends and I suppose it's always been about making a first and lasting impression.

Ive had friends who've stuck with me from primary and know my kiddy/gamer side , and then those who I've met through high school that know the torture of the work, the crap and good teachers we'd get and everything else inbetween. And now it's uni, where you're a newcomer and you have to make you're own name again? hmm.. something like that. But you can only ever really be yourself, no good showing people someone you're not, even if, in the unfortunate event, they don't like it. =(

But lets get this straight, I certainly hope people don't think I'm shy because i can be pretty loud, crazy and what i consider 'to have 'a wild side' (gasps*). yup. oh, and when it comes to conformity I'd like to be "specialized" or at least different so that I stand out, not in a bad way of course. There is a degree on being different, being just plane weird/retarded/psycho is freaky. Maybe I've crossed that barrier a few times .

Anyways there's a Physics quiz tomorrow that I should be sleeping for so I'll cut it short here. oh and will dress up this blog so it looks a little better.