As far as clinical placement goes, i've always looked foreward to it ending, because it would mean infinite time to stay up late , game and sleep.

but it's somewhat awkward this time around. not a bad awkward but uncomfortable, sad even. Somehow I've grown attached to the current placement I'm in. Perhaps it's the people i've met there and how I could just so easily get along with everyone and how it was chilled. Perhaps it's the friends i've made, the fun and not so fun things we'd journey into for the last 6 weeks and how we got to know each other in a much more friendly way as oppose to professional. And yet here I am, knowing tomorrow is the last day but.... dreading it.

I could even say I'm going to miss the place. That's something fyi. Sure I'd love to get a job there but competition is tough and I'd need some sort of luck to pass through. sigh..

My closest analogy is comparing it to something that of an an rpg game. You know how your about half way through the game, you enter a village, a massive event happens, some emotional changes take place, the friends you've made and the boss battles you've thought together, and after saving the village from total destruction and making such valuable friends, you have finally have to wave good bye to continue that journey to restore the gems of deltora?

It's a pretty lame analogy but then again, when have i not been lame?

and such is life...