Round 1... FIGHT

Today was... at least something.
Entered a Street fighter 4 tournament (16 players).
Contained quite a few pros, and last years Avcon winner, Peter.
For those who don't know, I actually wrote this long article about vsing him in Avcon, because I was that excited ( but looking at it now, I've realised how lame it is..)
Anyways long story short, I won it with no use of my "lives"(You get a second chance if you lose). The prize? nothing really except a free energy drink and the respect of other players. I mean, no one knew who I was, so I was like, an underdog.

If you... can be bothered at all , here's a clip of oa couple of my fights against a pro guy. ( WOW IM ON YOUTUBE! one of the players records and hosts the best matches of the night on youtube.., but its not the greatest quality.) If you do decide to watch, at least watch until the ending; I promise it was a very tight ending match, with an explosive finish.

Semi Finals

Grand finals

But it's hard if you don't really understand SF4, because you don't appreciate the technique/skill and subtle mind games that make the game so enjoyable.

Anyway during the game, thoughts were racing through my mind. Thoughts, like I had to prove something. Prove that If I really focused and put my mind on something, then I could get to where I wanted. Channeling all the thoughts and making it a purpose to win... But I was also fighting, just so I could stand out, maybe even get noticed. Fighting for something...someone

How long can I keep doing this? It's just a leisure thing, but just as a way to escape reality once in a while. which comes crash-landing back right after.

Shift Into Turbo

Don't you just hate it, when you think of a plan, get WAY too excited about what could happen, and you decide to initiate , but even during that first vital step, you hit an obstacle?
Now ideally speaking, you would try your best to get around such things. No really you would. But even then you have limits and your plan doesn't follow through, or openings you had hoped would never appear. Oh well, I'm sure there will be other chances, though time is ticking away...

Time waits for no-one...

Anyway in other news, Learned how to drive manual the other day which wasn't too shabby. Was tricky at first, with the bunnyhops and stalls, but got used to it fast. I'd like to think my leveled up hand-eye coordination (from gaming xD) helped me through that haha. It's just a shame that some people can take so long to just to learn manual *cough* or to to drive overall *cough*

Was talking to the brother who owns that manual evo 3, and found out his got some contraption that doesn't make you clutch for the first 3 gears. Sure makes life easer. Moving from stationary to first gear is the hardest part from what I hear and yeah it's true.

Also... my new fight stick came in. (wth is that?) Here's a picture. Pretty neat huh?
nah prob not, probably thinking geez vanta your the biggest geek for buying such a thing lol. ( I am though technically, just no body knows )

Talking to this Avcon guy, they say the new super street fighter tournament is gonna be bigger. 1st prize .. $1000, second is like $500 or something and then 3rd and 4th is a stick. He also mentioned people would be flying in from other states to compete in this tournament. I suppose that kills any chance of me winning, but still, I'll give it a good shot. how exciting :O

Anyway uni is also getting pretty intense now, so I should really focus. gotta do well... D:!

Haru Haru

Haven't updated for a while, but does anyone actually still reads this? hopefully not any pedo's either

What's the thing to say when you see your partner naked?
" I want you "
hahah wanted to share that. That was based of a vote from a mag I Read a while ago, Mens health I think. speaking of Mens health, haven't read a magazine for ages. Especially K-zone. Remembering back in year 3 buying my first copy and then buying every other copy until year 6-7 because it was the thing i Looked forwarded to everymonth of schoo. do. Nowadays it's every time the show comes up, The k-zone show bag is a staple. (reminisce that childhood)

Oh well, I've found my second home. Its the Mawsons lakes campus library. Been "studying" there for a bit now and it's incredibly peaceful albeit quiet. But after 2 hours of raw studying, it gets absolutely boring. Like painfully boring you want something to jump out and scare the living daylights out of you.
so i guess if your free within the vicinity, come say hi, it'll be a nice welcoming change

Wheres my change?

So uni has already started and the hype ( if there was any? ) has now pretty much died. And so we've all established ourselves and had a sneak peak on whats yet to come in terms of our course.

And hell. it looks hard. like crazily hard. but I Guess uni has always been like that..

So onto today random topic. hm well..
Why did I pick the Title "life's little knacks?"

The definition of a knack, according to word net :: bent: a special way of doing something; "he had a bent for it"; "he had a special knack for getting into trouble"; "he couldn't get the hang of it"
So in a sense it's like " life's little ways of doing things",you know getting around, understanding, witnessing, experiencing etc. which is whats suppose to be written here.

Are you a person that embraces change or dreads it? I suppose there's a billion factors that could effect your answer.
The extent of change, what kind of change, the significance of change.. you know.

But what I'm referring to is changes in a people.

Funny how one day you could be talking like there was no tomorrow, and the next it's a simply hello.good day.goodbye.
It was as if you had to introduce yourself all over again. LAME.
And yet that's just totally inevitable. yep. Everyday you see the gap get wider and wider. Ever wonder why? Did something happen while you were away? Did you do something wrong? Maybe you weren't really that much to them ?

Hmm... what to do. I guess all you can do is change along with them?...


If your not busy, then may I ask if you take 1 minute of your time to watch this nice short film. it's pretty cool and it's only 1 minute =D ( Double click film for whole file )