Haru Haru

Haven't updated for a while, but does anyone actually still reads this? hopefully not any pedo's either

What's the thing to say when you see your partner naked?
" I want you "
hahah wanted to share that. That was based of a vote from a mag I Read a while ago, Mens health I think. speaking of Mens health, haven't read a magazine for ages. Especially K-zone. Remembering back in year 3 buying my first copy and then buying every other copy until year 6-7 because it was the thing i Looked forwarded to everymonth of schoo. do. Nowadays it's every time the show comes up, The k-zone show bag is a staple. (reminisce that childhood)

Oh well, I've found my second home. Its the Mawsons lakes campus library. Been "studying" there for a bit now and it's incredibly peaceful albeit quiet. But after 2 hours of raw studying, it gets absolutely boring. Like painfully boring you want something to jump out and scare the living daylights out of you.
so i guess if your free within the vicinity, come say hi, it'll be a nice welcoming change



March 16, 2010 at 3:01 AM

I occasionally check your blog :D
(No pedo would read this because technically, you're over 18, right?)

I used to buy K-zone too. I would be the cool kid who brought it to school to show my friends! xD

Wooooow, why are you all the way over there? Do you have subjects there? You should visit Adelaide uni some time ^^


March 17, 2010 at 6:50 AM

hahah awesome I still have a viewer xD. And yes I am technically over 18 but have the mindset of an inapproriate 10 year old

Linda the cool kid ? AHahah thats funny , never would have guessed.

Nah don't have subjecst, use to last year. but its about 5 minute drive from my place so quite convenient. Notice the keyword "drive". xD
Speaking of Adelaide uni, haven't been there in ages! will do!