two thousand and ten

It's the last post for 2009... *how depressing sobs*

I was kidding HAHAHA *stands tall*

I thought year 12 went fast. I was wrong. 2009 smashed 2008. Actually, it feels like 2008 was only yesterday. =/

Looking back I guess it's been one hell of a ride. So many things accomplished, I'd say.

And somehow along the way I've got hold of some pretty darn cool friends ;D

So heres a salute to all of you's .


OH yeah and as far as new year resolutions are concerned, well I have a few, and I better keep them quiet ;)

Happy New Years !!!!! Bring on 2010!

Play it like theres no tomorrow.

When I'm bored. I blog. It's as simple as that.

And because i'm so bored right now im going to blog. I like my logic too! :D

So today I went to a friends birthday and guess what I did there...?
Street fighter'd until I was the last one standing..
There was some fierce competition at one point but I somehow manage to pull through, with a bit of luck hahaha. and now i'm known as the (obsessed?) Street Fighter kid. No I'm not crazy.. it's just a recreational thing, like when people badminton, play poker or facebook, I sf4. ok?

Now onto something random:
I wish I could play piano. I'd trade my street fighter skills to be able to play the piano anyday! Seriously. My parents forbidded me. Long story. but it'd be amazing to be able to play. Heck, i'd even force my kids to learn to play it.

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's... a bird!

I was on my daily walk from the Asian grocery today, when a bird swooped just to the side of me. Instantly, I thought there was something unusual about this particular bird. It flew so elegantly, gliding in the wind with a shape that looked all too familiar.

Could it be? I thought to myself

I quickly gave chase until I found myself right beneath it, as it perched itself high onto the cable lines. It lay at rest, surveying the area for any threats or food to be hunted. It then looked right at me, giving me this long dagger- like stare in which, I stared backed. I couldn't believe it.

A Peregrine Falcon!

I've never seen one in real life before. I could only recognize it from the many pictures I've seen on the net.
But why did this bird fascinate me in particular? It was way back in year 4, that I had to do research and a presentation on an endangered species and as you would have guessed it, mine was on this bird.

From what I can remember, the falcon is known to be the fastest animal in the world; (reaching speeds of up to 320 km - Wikipedia). It's diet consists of other birds, and other smaller animals such as squirrels and humans. ( just kidding :P).
The fact this bird is not only fast but looks stunning when it's in action ( or hunting) makes it one of my favorite animals of all time. If I were to have any pet in the world, it would probably one of these babies.

looking at it though, it didn't appear to be fully matured, more like at an adolescent stage, due to the feathers not looking 'fully ripe. ' xD yahuh *nods*

Anyways I only wished I had my phone on me so I could take a picture of it before it took flight once again. damn.

Now where did that Pokeball go?

A blog's legacy

Say... fellow bloggers/readers. Here's a question. When do you cease to blog? I'm curious...

And would it be more of a gradual close (blog dies slowly) or an instant one..?

Perhaps when you realise you don't have time to blog; through some big thing happening to you ; getting a job, moving, getting a gf, etc.

It could even be that the blog gets so boring nobody wants to read it, or your blog is just lame and people read it to get a good laugh. xD

I'ts not that I'd stop anytime soon, just a thought.. ( well maybe.. depends on the circumstance )


Too fast im furious

First and foremost, thanks for the cool night med raders. Although you'd probably never be reading this, only wish I didn't have to leave so frigging early to not enjoy what was left - but I'd have no ride home then. It was also getting to the good part too! aaaaargh

Anyways, My bro was the one who picked me up. He pulls up in his black Evo3 and says, terminator 3 style, hop in. -.-

I could really learn a lot from him. His what I'd describe as .. street smart. I mean you can be smart academically and then you be street smart. Make sense?
It mainly things like socializing, knowing drinks, being confident around people, knowing your rights (police wise), knowing where to be at the right place, the law, etc. . It's something you can only learn through experience. I still have hell of a long way to go...

Moving on, it's kind of fun when you're in his car. His a car junkie, so he knows what his car inside out. He also likes to push it to the limit too. It just so happens that during the night, an Integra was on the left lane trying to outdo my bro with a burst of acceleration on the main road.

My bro laughs in a sadistic manner and says:

No integra can beat my car

He just slams the pedal like a crazy madman and the everything becomes a mass blur, kind of like what you see in the movies. Dragging in rain! Dangerous much? but I have to admit; the rush you get beating the Integra with that kind of speed was incredible!

Dw I'm not as baddass as him and wont ever will be. xD
But It's great to have a bro who knows his car stuff, his street smarts and everything in between.

Happy 21st Birthday big bro! :)

If my calculation are correct, we will have 3 ... nyahahah

Walking back from a friends place I was stopped by the friendly hey of an elderly couple whom lived just around the corner. During our brief conversation the old lady said you've lost a lot of weight. that wasn't expected. Last time I saw her was a year or two ago.

But for those I haven't known since along time ago,then yes, I was a little fat geeky kid at one stage. hahaha and to some degree I still am. Fairly easy to imagine? Playing video games nonstop kind of does that to you. Remember right?

It goes to show how things can really change in the little space of 5 years. And what's to learn from all this? don't pick on fat kids or they'll hunt you down like a bear eats a fish. or like a a nerd collector obtaining the rarest Pokemon card on the planet... or like..OK I'll stop there.

Speaking of geeky people, there's this video featuring some Asian dancers that I thought was very well executed. The scene is set with 3 geeks who create 3 cyber girls to be there ,well, entertainment. Seriously check it out, I kid you not if you're in for something awesome when youwatch. I am so going to learn that move that guy does with his hands too :D

The Interview at the beginning - priceless xD

What is yours but everyone uses it more than you?

It seems everyone is making full use of their holidays; whether it is working and making the dosh, catching up with friends, sightseeing, partying, going overseas, you name it.

Whilst I’m stuck here trying to get my P’s, with no internet (still!) limited money and a messy desktop. At this rate, by the time people are done with the excitement of the holidays and ready to get back to uni, I’m still looking for ways to enjoy my not so awesome holidays. xO

In other news though, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Sunday 6/12/2009. It was actually overdue by a week and weighed 3.6ish kg, quite heavy for a child. They decided to name her Ariya.

Here’s a question. What do you think of the name?
First thing that popped into my head was Gosh that is extremely Asian. My sis and her hubby, being both cambo, were keen on keeping their cambo roots and named her like that. As I think about it more, I kind of realise its uniqueness in the way that I’ve never heard of such a name. It actually sounds pretty from my perspective but then hey, you be the judge. I am yet to know what the name means.

So my parents were overjoyed and you know how they are with the It’s got my eyes, and it’s got your nose or what the, whose hair is that? Etc. (First grandchild for them)...

Sometimes I wonder why on earth they named me my name. What do you reckon? It’s a pretty distinct name, even in (my culture) let alone the world. I do remember someone once telling me that’s such a cool name. I laughed.

It’s nice to know when someone mentions my name, there’s none of that which one? Also, since it’s so weird and different, most people I know have no problems remembering it. Vanta for short.

I have this idea that every name has to it, a personality or trait that you unconsciously judge on, based on how you knew the first person with that name. For example, I know quite a few Michaels, and the first one was kind of like a badass classmate at school (year 1 ). From then on, every time I met a new Michael, I would think of the first one and think his a badass when clearly this is not the case, but it’s just that idea of thinking of the first person of that name the moment you hear the name. ( Yeah I like to confuse people a lot... )

At one time or another, you’ve probably thought about naming your future children ( given you decided to have them). It’s a very personal choice for many couples and many don’t actually say what they’d name their child until he/she is actually born ( so people don’t copy it before hand ). Imagine naming you’re child Megatron or Optimus though. How crazy would that be?

There are heaps of cool names out there, be it common or uncommon. Sometimes you get names that you don’t particularly like too. Perhaps it’s due to not liking a person with that name? ( hmmm?). Occasionally however, you come across names that are so epic, it literally make you stop and admire it for like a full minute out of the sheer beautiful-ness of the name. ( I’ve only ever come across a handful though and they’re top secret ;))

( OH and answer is your name, but of course, you knew that )

If only.

It’s been a week since first year uni has officially finished. And holidays without internet is incredibly boring. Kind of makes me realise how much we ( or just me..) have become dependent on this thing we call the internet. It’s ridiculous!

So moving on...

Ever felt like you needed something so wild, so extreme, perhaps even life changing to happen? Call me crazy, but there are times when you just have this urge to do something incredible that ought to give you the biggest adrenaline rush.

Now base jumping, sky diving & bungee jumping are all activities that will give you that rush I’m looking for, but that can wait till a bit later. I was thinking perhaps in another context...

Could it be saving some girl from getting hit from a crash, getting attacked by thugs or ripping off your shirt (Revealing these tight abs that you’ve been working on to impress her especially T_T) to attend her wounds? (Twilight much? xD )

AHHAHAHA YES I understand that sounds incredibly stupid/cliché/random/retarded/ but sometimes you just can’t help but imagine that something like that will happen. Such a dreamer.

However, as harsh as it is, the reality is, no, IT WON’ EVER HAPPENS. Sucks right? Mmmhmm. Yes, I do have some degree of sense in me.

There’s a difference between an astronomer and an astronaut. One spends his whole life studying the stars whilst the other is actually up there amongst them.

Do you know what I mean when I say that? Perhaps I should make the switch sometime soon...

Time to do something crazy :O

Life with no net.

No I haven't been neglecting my blog.

It's simply a case of not having any net to update it with.

It's already been a week and life's sure is unusual without net. Reminds me of my primary school years where playstation and abc tv was the norm.

Anyways Summer holidays are finally here !!!!! so you know what that means right?