If only.

It’s been a week since first year uni has officially finished. And holidays without internet is incredibly boring. Kind of makes me realise how much we ( or just me..) have become dependent on this thing we call the internet. It’s ridiculous!

So moving on...

Ever felt like you needed something so wild, so extreme, perhaps even life changing to happen? Call me crazy, but there are times when you just have this urge to do something incredible that ought to give you the biggest adrenaline rush.

Now base jumping, sky diving & bungee jumping are all activities that will give you that rush I’m looking for, but that can wait till a bit later. I was thinking perhaps in another context...

Could it be saving some girl from getting hit from a crash, getting attacked by thugs or ripping off your shirt (Revealing these tight abs that you’ve been working on to impress her especially T_T) to attend her wounds? (Twilight much? xD )

AHHAHAHA YES I understand that sounds incredibly stupid/cliché/random/retarded/ but sometimes you just can’t help but imagine that something like that will happen. Such a dreamer.

However, as harsh as it is, the reality is, no, IT WON’ EVER HAPPENS. Sucks right? Mmmhmm. Yes, I do have some degree of sense in me.

There’s a difference between an astronomer and an astronaut. One spends his whole life studying the stars whilst the other is actually up there amongst them.

Do you know what I mean when I say that? Perhaps I should make the switch sometime soon...

Time to do something crazy :O