A splitting headache..

Just had to blog this;

Was recently browsing around Facebook and a friend posted a video of something that I would later regret watching. It was one of the most Gruesome horrific scenes I have ever seen in my 19 years of living. I've seen some pretty disgusting things so far but this was particularly disturbing.

This is not set in Australia but some place ( I don't want to watch that video again to check T_T) but it evolves a bunch of guys, with girls filming who are attempting to dive off some sort of jetty like structure. The first instance you see a guy dive pretty casually into the water, everyone claps and cheers. The guy kind of looks like your typical beach surfer as well. Anyways, the next guy gets ready to dive in but slips on his descent. Sure, it would have been fine if it was just water underneath him I suppose, but there is gap of raw concrete between the jetty and the water ( about a meter length ) that they must cover. As a result, he smashed landed, full force and face first on the rock-solid concrete, doing a flip in the process, and with what descending momentum he had left, plunging into the sea. The concrete was about 4-5 meters below the jetty just as a rough idea.

You could hear the absolute breaking of his face as he crashed into the concrete. Simply put, it was that noise of his face being crushed that disturbed me the most. Everyone was screaming as he landed into the water and all you see next is his lifeless body floating. The next scene shows people moving this boy out of the water, with the sea nothing more but that of a sickening crimson red.

Another scene skips and he lay on the hospital bed, surgeons holding his mangled face, which appears to be... split, not in half but in 4 even quarters FROM THE MIDDLE. His face was literally moving apart and you could see his tongue thrashing about, his teeth, his eye balls loose, blood everywhere just gaping from every aspect of his head. The most astonishing part was that he was still breathing, still alive, but his FACE WAS IN QUARTERS. Just horrific.Words alone cannot describe that image. And it was because they were diving off some stupid jetty.

But in the end it's a lesson to be learnt from and one that shouldn't be taken for granted. Doing stupid dangerous stunts like those can really cost you. Not wanting to be some random guy who just says it because it's not right, I mean, everyone knows it's stupid, shouldn't be done etc, etc, but this imagery really makes you think thrice about the possibilities that can occur.

And this includes driving at high speeds. So don't. To anyone else who's reading this, if I were to see this happen to you, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. Just don't T.T