Blue and red.

When I woke up today I had the urge to spice up my room just so it look more classier. What better way to do that with a new wall scroll which I bought that afternoon later.

So I present to you my new wall scroll:

It's the blue one on the right.

A few reasons why I choose this one in particular:
- It's Naruto; everyone loves Naruto right? (well most people..)
- Needed a colour to contrast with red, so why not pick a relaxing blue
- Cool action pose :O
- Simple design, again, in contrast to the somewhat noisier Kingdom Hearts one.
- Rasengan symbolizes Naruto's strength from within; willpower, determination and perseverance, to master the seemingly impossible ability; something I should be adapting for end of year exams..
- Thought the spiral effect looked pretty neat.

hahaha as you can see, I'm such a geek. But i guess, there's no point lying to people about who you truly are right? ;)

If you look carefully you can see my other figures; a transformer, a Gundam and a few Zoids lined up next to each other. I've been collecting them since I was a kid, because as you would know, you had to do something to keep you entertained during those teenage years.

Just a little snapshot of my secret room; since no one's really ever been in it.