Wow, new layout for blogger. Wonder if people still come here..

Anyways it's been about a month since my last post

and as always alot has happened... too much

but yeah right now........ I'm in the midst of a massive transition. call it intuition because it's my last year at uni I need to know what I want to do in the immediate future

do I continue to study and take that dream job I always once looked foreward too or do I settle with what I have and be grateful I am in this position?

It's so confusing...

sigh.. decisions decisions

Do you ever wonder if the world gives you things for a reason? I'm mainly talking about .. you guessed it. girls. lol.

So I was minding my own business during my new placement when this girl.. who's 4 years out of grad or something like that comes by and, me being me, thought she was kinda pretty. with a bit of ann accent , and a smaller frame, she'd be the nice gfy type.

Finally, i had something to look foreward too for once. So we caught on and talked about random stuff , and I thought I was doing well in that regard, but as always , I find out something I don't really want to hear - she's got a bf. Whats worse, they've been one month engaged.

Plays song "wedding dress - Taeyang"

One month too late? didn't really matter anyway. But I kinda think this girl woulda had something for meifwasn't engaged or something


anyways we have a new topic we keep going back too ; weddings

being a  wedding catererr, I've seen heaps and we just go on about what works, what doesnt , what happens etc.

it's fun and all but you know that it's just conversation and nothing more

sometimes i think the world teases me or just wants me to have some sort of epiphany.

ahh man.

I'm at this really wierd stage of life right now  like it's so turbulent and crazy - do other people experience this same stuff?

like I'm not really looking foreward to anything but i don't have a reason NOt to, since i have it fairly ok at the moment...

please give me something to work with ?