Adrenalin rush

Life as you know it at 21 and 11 months

Ever had that feeling where your running around in circles doing the same thing over and over again? where you feel like you need a change just to see what's out there?

I guess the best way to put it is the example of going to a gym ; you train, you do your routine work out every week and you've reached a maximum. It's time to take the risk and level up, whether it be to stack on more weights, increase the repetition or increase your throughput. There's something about taking it that step further that energizes you to go to that next level. call it an adrenalin rush but it what brings out of our comfort zone and open new doors of opportunity.

So where am i going with all this?

Recently a birthday party had passed and of course as usual it was the perfect opportunity to meet new people Cough* girls*.  and so there was this pretty girl who most guys would be eyeballing but i would agree ; she was just that ; a pretty girl. It's funny. I'm not sure about my state of mind back then but I couldn't bring myself to even go up and talk to her when the opportunity arose. I'd just sit back...... and do nothing; timid , scared for some reason. Looking back I think I was over analytical of the entire thought and couldn't pull it off.

the hell ?

Think the only thing holding me back was going up and talking to her knowing friends would be watching, and they'd see my success or failure for that matter. But you know, i failed anyway because I couldn't even bring myself up to talk to her. and so another opportunity passed where you could of done something.

That feeling of the adrenalin rush; I'm sure most people know what I'm talking about - seeing that crush , taking a risk, asking a girl out ; it really brings the life out of you. Lately I haven't been much and it's been so boring and unmotivating that It feels like I just need to do something risky again just to bring myself back to life again.

But could this be why people - cheat? their relationships are normal and their excitement has died ; but talking to new people gives them that adrenalin rush , the same one they once had with their partner at the earlier stages of their life?

that adrenalin rush...

Other than that life is very meh atm. very very meh