Shit happens

I guess we've all had our fair share of bad days. maybe some more than others. but just for today it honestly feels like... the entire world is against you. It's like everything you do turns into a negative consequence. like bad Karma has accumulated so heavily from somewhere and it's ready to dump a crap load onto you.

Life isn't fair.

and yet why does it continue to keep feeling things are never going to get better? it's like a dark limitless void.

I pray sometimes that one day things will just reverse and get better.. and yet there are so many reports of saying "it's up to you to make up your life" kind of quotes. I don't know were to begin...

As cliche as it sounds .. sometimes i just want to go to a lone field and scream to the top of my lungs. yes,This is such a depressing post. but sometimes I don't even know what to wake up to anymore. I ask myself everyday.. now. ............

I am honestly just lost for words right now..