Shift Into Turbo

Don't you just hate it, when you think of a plan, get WAY too excited about what could happen, and you decide to initiate , but even during that first vital step, you hit an obstacle?
Now ideally speaking, you would try your best to get around such things. No really you would. But even then you have limits and your plan doesn't follow through, or openings you had hoped would never appear. Oh well, I'm sure there will be other chances, though time is ticking away...

Time waits for no-one...

Anyway in other news, Learned how to drive manual the other day which wasn't too shabby. Was tricky at first, with the bunnyhops and stalls, but got used to it fast. I'd like to think my leveled up hand-eye coordination (from gaming xD) helped me through that haha. It's just a shame that some people can take so long to just to learn manual *cough* or to to drive overall *cough*

Was talking to the brother who owns that manual evo 3, and found out his got some contraption that doesn't make you clutch for the first 3 gears. Sure makes life easer. Moving from stationary to first gear is the hardest part from what I hear and yeah it's true.

Also... my new fight stick came in. (wth is that?) Here's a picture. Pretty neat huh?
nah prob not, probably thinking geez vanta your the biggest geek for buying such a thing lol. ( I am though technically, just no body knows )

Talking to this Avcon guy, they say the new super street fighter tournament is gonna be bigger. 1st prize .. $1000, second is like $500 or something and then 3rd and 4th is a stick. He also mentioned people would be flying in from other states to compete in this tournament. I suppose that kills any chance of me winning, but still, I'll give it a good shot. how exciting :O

Anyway uni is also getting pretty intense now, so I should really focus. gotta do well... D:!